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. . . make me crazy!   I do declare WA state has been hit with more winter storms this year than I can ever recall–especially windstorms!  I lost power again almost all morning yesterday.  And, because it was pouring down rain, and very cloudy, I didn’t have enough light coming into the house to really do anything productive . . .

I was sooooooo grateful for my Big Shot.  Why?  Because it requires no electricity! (insert ginormous grin)  So, I leisurely spent the morning hours messing around with dies, and cranking out a stash of fun die cuts from coaster material to send to a friend, who, alas, doesn’t have her own die cutting machine . . . yet, anyways!  I know–it’s a shocking horror, ain’t it?!

Mebbe once she plays with these, she’ll want to make her own . . .


I only used 3 dies, cuz I felt these would interest her most–she likes scallopy things, and little dainty things a great deal . . . So, the Cuttlebug Flowers (set of 4), and the Sizzix "Bookplates Gelly-O" by Rob & Bob Studios, and the Sizzix Buckles dies all got a good work out yesterday, and I  . . .   prevented myself from going stir-crazy!

  1. Hey Girl! Love reading your blog – and aren’t you sweet cutting all these dies – your friend will be forever in your debt (or at least until she gets her own machine! LOL) Are you using the heavyweight or lightweight coasters?

  2. hmmm did you get the dies online or locally? I am on Whidbey also …. I only know of Michaels that carries this stuff around here and they are very limited….. thanks

  3. Hey Julie,
    I’m loving your blog and you’ve convinced me to get the big shot! My birthday is in February and it’s at the top of my list.
    I did have a question – where do you get ‘coaster’ material?
    Let me know?

  4. Oh my gosh, these are so cute!!! I never thought about using the coasters for these little gems!! What a great idea! You have one lucky friend :) She will love these! And thanks for the super idea! I must get out my die cutters!!!

  5. Julie, is this the same as the Bug everyone is taking about? Do you know how they compare? Price, uses etc? I am feeling a lotta pressure to buy one of these things…LOL

  6. Ah, that was really nice of you. I don’t have any die cuts either and just bought some chipboard coasters. I may just have to put in an email to my SU! demo to see if she would do the same for me :) Thanks for the idea.

  7. AW! Isn’t she lucky?!! ;(

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