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I’m so excited I’m going in circles.  I get the chance, after the show, to hang with my little sister, Connie, and her family for a few days out in Corona.

I’m a little anxious about leaving my family for an entire week–never done that before.  I stocked the house with groceries.  Dave said:  "I don’t know why you’re worried; we’ll just do what you do whenever I leave town.  Eat out!"

Bwah ha haaaaaaaaa!  Funny, NOT!  We don’t eat out; we survive on Mac & Cheese & hot dogs, and, mebbe a Papa Murphy’s pizza!!! (insert frowny face)

Anyhoo, why is it when *anybody else* leaves this house, they just pack themselves up and leave and when *I* leave this house, I need to make sure this, that and the other are all taken care of?  Why come I never get to just pack and leave without worrying about whether there’s food in the house or clean underwear for ‘em????

Seriously:  I NEED A WIFE!!!

  1. Why? Cause you’re the Mom!

  2. Store bought rotisserie chicken and frozen veggies, that’s what saves me with all of my business trips. Who can’t microwave up some corn and peas and hack off a chunk of meat for the kids? Also goes great with mac and cheese out of the box.

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