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Thank you for all the encouraging comments you have sent regarding my last entry–they feel like big, warm hugs!   SMOOCHES back at ya’!!!

I’ve been hard at work on some projects–some of which are panning out, and others which are definitely NOT, and none of which I can actually share at the moment. (insert sad face)

BUT!!!! My husband just called and told me to check my email, as he had received a message from our son Taylor’s teacher, and had forwarded it on to me . . . I laughed so hard, I ’bout busted m’self in two, and thought I’d share it with you all, since I know many of you are parents, and can probably relate . . .

Hi Dave:  I thought you would enjoy this story about your wonderful and thoughtful son. 

Each morning the kids have a morning ticket to get to recess.  This is a vocabulary and grammar building lesson.  The kids look up a word each day and correct a sentence while working on cursive writing.  Today our word was monetary.  I was explaining the usage of the word telling the kids that things you spend dollars on have a monetary value or can be bought and sold for money.  Things which cannot be sold for money have no monetary value but can still be valuable.  I shared that family and friends cannot be bought and sold and neither can feelings like happiness and love.  Taylor raised his hand and told the class "Love can too be bought and sold…what about on-line dating?  That costs money when you dial those numbers".

I stand corrected.

You can be thankful you have a son who thinks for himself (and is apparently ready for high school).


Hope sharing this little glimpse into Ebersole family life gives you a chuckle today! (wink!)

  1. oh I am stillll laughing!!! LOL!!!!

  2. Tee hee… what an insightful guy! :)

  3. I’m glad I had swallowed my coffee! But I had to stifle my laughter as everyone is still asleep. Kids say the darnest things. I’d love to know how the teacher kept a straight face!

  4. How old is this little guy??? Isn’t he just 10? Hilarious! Glad the teacher thought so too!! :)

  5. Too funny! Let’s see you scrapbook that!

  6. So funny…lets see you scrapbook that!

  7. *lol* That is TOO funny!

  8. Unfortunately, I did have a mouth FULL of me drink of choice. :( I thought the email was goin’ to be about a different kind of “priceless’ moment. What a hoot! Protected my keyboard with my jammies. Pink does go well with brown.

  9. This made me smile. Too funny.

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