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I have been out of my office and away from the computer all day.  I came home to find some very interesting things had gone on over at Splitcoast while I was away.   It caught me quite off guard, needless to say! (chuckle!)

The day I was given the green light to mention something publicly about having accepted an editorial position with a new coming on-line magazine, called The Paper Lounge, I was literally overwhelmed by the flood of responses and enthusiasm!

Ground work had already been long underway and that excitement and positive reaction fueled and inspired me in ways I cannot begin to describe, as we forged ahead in anticipation of a December or January 07 launch.

And, then BAM!  We were met with some completely unforeseen obstacles–largely technical ones.  And, of course, when you’re working within an on-line medium, technical is *everything*.

Due to this, we have had to postpone the launch of The Paper Lounge, and currently a lot of behind the scenes work is being done to resolve those technical aspects, in hopes that we can better project a future launch date.  What you see at the current web place holder, is having to be completely restructured and rebuilt.  (head banging down onto the desk in frustration)  I know that anyone with experience in the field of technology will, I’m sure, sympathize in how things generally always take much longer to implement than we believe they will, and most especially when there’s a major roadblock in the way. (shaking my head, and still chuckling)

I want to thank those of you that have inquired via email, here at Paper Trufflez, and elsewhere about the status of this endeavor.  Your support, good wishes and hopes for success mean the world to me and have encouraged me to persevere, especially during the struggles and roadblocks.

Geeze.  I know I’m a ginormous sap, but ya’all sure know how to get a girl verklempt and whatnot . . .

Thank you.

  1. OK, does that mean I lose my low, low member number????? Oh, MAN…..! I was SOMEBODY! I was a charter member! (I would insert an emoticon here if I knew how…) OK, well, I will wait as long as it takes, Julie….I know it’ll be well worth it!

  2. Hang in there, Julie – it is always the darkest before the dawn, and your breakthrough is right around the corner. The trials make the good times sweeter, so persevere, and know we are all pulling for you!

  3. It will be totally worth the wait! :) Hang in there.

  4. This wait probably will be worthwhile in the end. The ‘glitches’ can be worked out now rather than later. How is that for a Pollyanna statement. :<) I look forward to seeing it on-line.

  5. awe man Julie – my heart goes out to ya gal…I’d be sittin by ya – bangin my head on me desk too with ya – then we could go out for kawfeee…and take some Advil for the headache…

    Seriously, I know when this goes live it will be so worth the wait – no matter how long that is! I’m excited for you and will remain so!!!

  6. Sending “good luck computer vibes” your way! I hope it all gets worked out soon for you. I’m anxiously awaiting the launch as well.
    Rubber Hugs,

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