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Link: Mona Lisa Moments: Cornish Heritage Farms Illustrator Search.

Yo, hey!  If you can actually illustrate, this is a cool tidbit of news!

Alas, I cannot draw.  At best, I can doodle a daisy.  And, some pretty mean stick people. (insert Groucho Marx eyebrows bobbin’ up and down)  I *so* rock at Pictionary (one of my all time favorite games, BTW) . . . but, to turn those scratchings into art stamps? Mercy, NO!!!! Bwa ha haaaaaaaaaaaa!!!

If you have the skillz, tho, you really should check it out!  You just never know what might happen!   Good luck to all that give it a shot!

  1. But your hand written sentiments are fabulous! You should enter in your own greetings.

  2. ROTFLMAO! Aaaah, Pam . . . touché . . . Vippies, methinks, yes?

  3. Julie – I’d suggest that we start our own stick figure stamp company but I think that idea’s already taken.

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