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is the tiniest little airport I have *ever* been to . . . When I checked in, the e-ticket machine flashed a message that my flight was delayed by an hour, even tho the boarding pass printed out a 2:45 boarding time  . . . . whaaaat?  (frown; I *need* to get home to my honey, my babies) . . .  I arrived just a tad earlier than I probably needed to . . . good thing that as tiny as this airport is, they have FREE internet.  YESSSSS!!!

Random thoughts:

An entire week away from my rubbah and ink leaves me restless . . . the withdrawal symptoms are rather alarming . . . (insert shocked eyeballs)

The anticipation of a 3 hour flight, now delayed another hour, without a meal on board is irritating; I *should* eat a salad, but I WANT one of those ginormous cinnamon rolls in the little snack station case . . . and . . . total bummer:  there are NO mochas to be had in this dinky place . . . (I can feel the shakes setting in . . . )

So, by now many of you have read about one (of my many) mis-adventures at CHA 07. (the suitcase episode)  I am getting a seriously bad reputation as a travelling companion . . . *sigh* . . . I snore "like a trucker" (by the same token, tho, Sara can pop a mean elbow to the head, and she plays footsies in her sleep!  bwa ha haaaaaaa!!!),  I am restricted from eating spicy foods (that’s a self-imposed restriction, however, out of courtesy to those around me!), I absentmindedly walk off with other folks’ suitcases . . .  I’m afraid only those of the strongest constitution could survive a journey with me . . . LOL!

In my defense, I am renowned as the "room mom", and always equipped with ibuprofren, cold medicine, a first aid kit, and I typically make sure everybody eats a high protein breakfast (altho our hotel had the suckiest continental breakfast I’ve ever seen, so I couldn’t wag my finger at everybody this go-around . . . )

It was a pretty productive trip . . . we introduced SCS to a lot of manufacturers who had never heard of our little community.  OK, so it’s not so little. chuckle!  Did you know that SCS has:

110,000+ Registered Members
1 MILLION Pages Loaded Daily
20,000 Visitors Daily
400,000 Images in the Galleries


We spent a lot of time getting to know people, listening to their stories–that’s one of the things I love most about SCS; we have the opportunity to connect with so many people, and some of the most awesome, life-long friendships I have made are all due to the existence of the site.

Anyway, it occurred to me as I chatted with folks, that yes, there were some ginormous/big name companies all around–execs in power suits, etc.–but, the companies that genuinely interested me most, were the ones that were small . . . that still had that personal touch infiltrating every aspect of their company.   I dunno . . . I guess I’m always rootin’ for the independent little guy out there . . . They have such interesting stories to tell, and such passion!  It is FUN to hear how they got started, where they are hoping to go, their obstacles, their triumphs, and most of all their "heart".

There were some places I was disappointed I didn’t get to check out:  K & Co., Basic Grey, Prima, SEI, Making Memories, 7 Gypsies, SandyLion, AMM, EK Success, ScrapWorks, McgGill, and on and on . . . but, mebbe next time . . . I’m sure they didn’t lack for avid fans . . . (wink!)

Well, I’ve rambled enough . . . I need to convince myself to snag a salad, instead of a cinnamon roll for the flight . . . chuckle!

  1. Jules, I had a thought! I know it’s bad for me, but still! You need to write an article for Rubber Stamper about SCS! I’ve only seen it mentioned once or twice in magazines and only in passing, not an in depth, in the know, article! What do you think? Huh, huh?

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