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Truffle and Heart Wreath images, Twinkle Micro Dot Stickers by A Muse Art Stamps; "I love you more than chocolate" custom created using Karen Foster Snap Stamps (1/8" Mini/Formal); White Note Card by SU!; Palette Hybrid Inks in Moulan Rouge and Burnt Umber; Pink Marker; Ribbon by May Arts

All’s quiet tonight in my sister’s house, and I decided to take a moment to upload this design which I finished before leaving for Anaheim, but didn’t have the time to upload.

I hadn’t really paid too much attention when the buzz was going on about these stamps over in the SCS forums, and then I received a  GORGEOUS design by  Julia Stainton, one of the current Dirty Girls.  I went AGOG over the design, and was immediately intrigued by the Snap Stamps (see link above) she had used.

After querying a bit among the Dirty Girls, I discovered a number of them love and use these stamps to create sentiments they have been unable to find or don’t own in a stamp.  On their advice, I bought two sets of the 1/8" Formal Alphabet (I ordered them online from Joann.com); the girls told me that they could easily say just about anything they really wanted, due to the number of duplicate alpha letters that came in each set, and that two sets of the 1/8" (Mini) size worked best for cards and gave them plenty of letters to work with.

They’re basically made of what appears to me to be a low-grade rubber (like what you’d find on an office stamp), on a plastic stick/mount and each of these has a protrusion that enables you to snap/link them together to create words.  Considering the price they retail for, they’re not exactly high quality stamps, but, I was rather impressed at how I could build a sentiment to say precisely what I needed, and be able to use it repeatedly until I wanted to create something different.  *Very* spiffy!!!  I’ve always thought it would be fun to have the above sentiment in a rubber stamp, but have never been able to find it; now, any time I want it, I’ve got it! (wink!)

The results above were achieved without any real forethought to the design of the card itself.  It works, but I’m not totally satisfied with it; I’ll hafta tinker more with it later on, when I’m back at home in my studio . . .

  1. lllove this card!
    I am seeing the KF all over the place and think it would be a good thing to have *wink*

  2. This is so, so cute! LOVE it!

  3. Thanks for the review Julie! Still not gonna spend the big bucks on the little stamps! Adore the design – must be a special person though – MORE THAN CHOCOLATE?????

  4. Snap stamps are very addicting! Currently, I can’t find mine and I’ve been in fits since I’ve gotten back from HI over it!

    Very cute card, too!! I love the hearts around the chocolate! Yummy!

  5. I get a similiar effect (stamping a bunch of letters together) using my MM magnetic alphabet set that I bought at Michael’s. I can’t remember the exact name of it but it allows you to put 2 lines of type onto the holder and then ink it. Clear as mud, right? Ha ha.

  6. Love my snap stamps … love this card!

    Have fun with your sister, Julie! :)

  7. Love your card Julie. I have the chocolate truffle stamp and have yet to use it. You have inspired me to give it a try. Thanks.


  8. I have both the large & small snap stamps & love them! I did find that I use the small ones far more frequently, though. Sure is nice to be able to make several words at a time & print it all at once. I’m impressed! I got them a few months ago at my LSS.

  9. I’ve managed to resist the snap stamps because they are soooo expensive and I can do anything with different fonts and colors with my printer. I have all the SU fonts of their CD’s, so I can shake it up. Very cute card, Julie, but I’m still not gonna buy those snaps!

  10. Cute cute cutey cute!!!!! I still do not have those snap stamps….there is just so much rubber so little $$$! LOL

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