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Link: Stampendous January 2007 – Spring Flowers.


I am MADLY in love with ALL the poppy images, the fresh bloom, and the open bloom stamp set, all by Stampendous!!!

These *must* be mine. MUST!!!!

I was sitting here thinking, if I could draw, I know exactly what kinda stamps I would immediately have made . . . alas, I cannot draw . . . (teeth gnashing), but it’s like Stampendous totally read my mind!  I ’bout PIMP’d when I saw these!!!

So, I will rejoice in the fact that someone who can draw, made *precisely* the kind of floral images I would go absolutely, positively, to the ends of the earth for!

I’m not dreaming!!!  They are REAL!!!!   Yippeeeeeeeeeee!!!!

Time to shop! (wink!)

  1. Guess what’s on its way Miss Jules! :D

  2. I’m *SO* excited to say that I got 2 of these stamps today in Chilliwack, BC and Classic on Alexander! They are even more gorgeous in real life!

  3. Sorry there’s not an Archiver’s in your area yet, Julie… but they do carry Stampendous at Archiver’s and I saw some of these styles at their Grand Opening in Boise this weekend. :)

  4. Oh Julie thanks so much for the link. Wowzer what a great style…beautiful illustations, I see why you love them!

  5. AAAAACK! I was just at Stempendous yesterday….drooling! They have just great things. I will have to check these beauties out! :D

  6. These are amazing. Can you post when you find a source? Love the Blog by the way!

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