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I have found in the past that you are very non-biased in your reporting of what you see and don’t see and what the predictions are for what is going to be ‘big’ in the area of colors/shapes specifically.

So…I know that black and white are expected to be all rage in clothing and home decor…but other than that and bling & sparkles what are the new ‘colors’ and shapes…have we moved on from circles and now facing ovals?

–Shelly in the NW

Hey, Shelly!  Your question made me laugh because while I try to remain unbiased, it’s hard when there are certain things you like and things ya’ don’t, UKWIM?  But, let’s see if I can give an objective run-down of how things looked to me!

In the back of my head, were the following notations:

More WM stamp companies now venturing into clear to compliment their WM lines; I had to agree with Mona Lisa that this is a good thing, because it may actually draw more scrappers into stamping, or draw those completely new to stamping in?

Practically *every* scrapbook paper company is offering clear stamps–tremendous surge in the offerings!  The downside?  Very little distinctiveness from one scrapbook company to the next with regards to their clear stamps.  In other words, practically everywhere I turned were oodles of doodles, and the doodles all pretty much looked the same.  LOL! I like doodles in limited doses, but it seemed pretty oversaturated to me?  If it all looks the same–a big blur, will it have enough lasting power?  I dunno . . .  I was happy to see that the stamp companies themselves, tho, were much more mindful of offering great variety in style, and themes, etc.

Shabby/distressed still prevalent, but with Vintage/Nostalgia on the rise.  I noticed an increase in the more "elegant" and clean side of Vintage.  Refinement, I think, would be a good way to describe it?

By the same token, I saw cute, but not "cutesy" increasing–simple, clean design that still had personality and character, but not "dated"–quick, easy, charming, and bright colors.

While I heard "purple" was the color for 2007, I didn’t get a feeling that it "dominated".  Mebbe I wasn’t looking in all the right places, tho . . . (?)  I noticed a lot more black & white paper lines being introduced, black & cream, and plenty of "glam" with lots of glitter and crystals.

Flowers and flourishes in every form imaginable still very popular, from paper, silk, chipboard, to rub-ons, stamps, transparency overlays, etc.!

Lumpy scrapbooking (3D embellishments) remaining strong.

Some companies also seem to be heading toward "art to wear" and home decor, and showing use of their embellishments, like "bling" (rhinestone) sentiments for use on T shirts, lots of shadowbox frames, etc. that weren’t necessarily for showcasing scrapbook layouts, but one’s paper crafted artwork?  I felt that Ellison Designs’ booth did a most excellent job of showcasing these 2 trends quite magnificently, and their "Ellison Home" display was jaw-dropping.  An emphasis on making things that were not only beautiful, but, practical/useful seemed to be on the rise.

Brads still seem to be more popular than eyelets . . . (I adore eyelets . . . I don’t care what they say . . . LOL! )

Digital Scrapbooking, and the development of "hybrid" scrapbooking where both traditional paper and digi are being combined continuing to rise in interest and variety of products offered to that end . . .

One thing that really struck me was all things "BIG".  BIG chipboard, BIG monograms, BIG patterns in paper, BIGger brads, etc.  Maybe because I am more of a card-maker that just struck me?

Chipboard.  LOTS of chipboard.  Everywhere.  I thought we’d see that taper off this year, but apparently not.

Paisley and harlequin patterns still very strong.

Patterned, opulent ribbon definitely dominant–gorgeous!

International influences, however, especially eastern–really making a splash in background papers–just beautiful, exotic and apart from the norm!  I hope it continues because it was so distinctive and refreshing, at least to me!

One thing I found interesting, was how little many of the big scrapbooking companies do to appeal to card-makers, and most especially stampers, yet they were introducing clear stamps left and right! Puzzling.  Especially since the two art forms are merging more and more these days . . .

More offerings of classes that can be taken online (not necessarily in DVD format), catering to the busy lifestyles of paper crafters.  Intriguing!

The above is what I saw (and, I’m sure if I slept on it more, I’d think of more than I’ve listed here off the top of my head) . . . as for what I’d personally like to see? 

Well, wouldn’t it be fun to entertain our fantasies . . . ? (wink!)


  1. Thanks again for sharing with us. I would never be able to attend one of these shows; even if eligible and able bodied – I would probably go around in circles, :D and your eyes (not to mention the walking, picture taking and sharing) are nonpareil. IMHO

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