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Cosmobella by Stamping Bella; Sentiment hand-lettered; Palette Hybrid Ink in Noir by Stewart Superior; Derwent Watercolor Pencils; AquaPainter by SU!;  Blush Blossom Water-based Brush Marker by SU!; Cryogen White Card from Paper Zone; Celery, Bashful Blue, Navy Card Stocks by SU!; Silk Daisy by Bazzill; White Mulbery Flower by Prima; Daisy Sequin by Doodlebug Designs; Mini Brad by Queen & Co.; Navy w/White Polkadots Organdy Ribbon from Michael’s; Sakura White and Red Glaze Pens; Coluzzle Circle Template;  Wavy Deco Scissors by ProvoCraft; Pigma Micron .05 for lettering

This design’s pretty straightforward (geeze, isn’t everything I do these days pretty much straightforward?  I guess I need to be more adventuresome, but, I’m too lazy, I guess . . . )

Cosmobella is just too flippin’ cute–she makes me grin big time, because when I have an appletini, I’m just so HAPPY! (More on that in a sec, LOL!)

Because I didn’t have a "flesh" colored pencil, I did color her features in with a Blush Blossom  (SU!) marker first–I keep an old one because it seems paler in tone than the current one (?).  Anyway, it’s perfect for flesh tone–For some reason, I really hate seeing people images stamped on white paper, and left with just white skin tones–they look all pastey and unhealthy!  So, quicker than a trip to the Fake & Bake, I give ‘em that nice, sunny glow! (wink!)

When I wanna take the time, I do enjoy watercoloring an image, and the Bellas have some nice expansive areas that make it fun and easy to do so.  I used pencils here in this case.  Cosmobella is a bit skinnier than I am IRL (Bwa ha haaaaaaaaaaa!!!), so she does have a tighter "frame" . . . 

(no big billowing skirt, and, gee, she’s got that coveted hourglass figure, whereas I am just nicely rectangular from the neck down.  Why come I don’t look like that in a pair of jeans????  I know why . . . that darn stash of chocolates up on the top shelf of my studio that nobody but me knows where it is . . . chuckle!) 

But, I digress!  On with the deets:   For added control, I applied the tip of my AquaPainter directly to the watercolor pencil to load it with color, and then painted.   I always have to add some shadow/grounding under my peeps–otherwise, to me, they just look like they’re levitating in mid-air?

Friday night, hangin’ out  at home in my studio, preparing for a  relaxing session of stamping, just for  moi, I made 2 appletinis . . .

Unfortunately . . . I neglected to "measure", and used the "eyeball" method instead . . .

Evidently, this method is not so good . . . I drank what we now have surmised as the equivalent of 4 . . . F-O-U-R ‘tinis . . .

My children claim I was quite "entertaining" that evening . . .

Apparently, it seems as I was nearing the end of glass #1, which was the equivalent of near the end of ‘tini #2, I had recognized I was simply giggling a lot, as opposed to actually stamping . . . at which point I evidently deemed it time for a 2nd ‘tini (which equates to #3 and #4), and decided to settle myself on the sofa to watch a Harry Potter (3rd? 4th?) movie with the children, proceeding to interject a lot of commentary about the characters and different aspects of the movie I guess I had never noticed from the first few times I’d seen it while sober . . .

  1. LOL! You are too cute! Such a cute card!!

  2. Love the card! Thanks a bunch for the tip on how to give people a sun tan glow! I’ve been coloring my peeps in unnatural yellow and peach colors… LOL!

  3. love the card. and GOTTA love the ‘tinis…while the pomagranite martini has been my fave for a while now…my mom has just recently discovered the joy of a martini. (she used to be a margarita mama…)now she gets SOOO excited when she discovers a new flavor, and has to call me up to tell me about it. i find it amusing.

  4. I love this card. I have the same Bella, but have yet to use it. You may have inspired me to give it a try this weekend. Great story about the ‘tini’s. It’s been a while since I’ve had an appletini too. I think you’ve inspired me there too :).

  5. BEAUTIFUL card! I love the watercoloring, and the layout is incredible. Nice and crisp! And appletini’s while stamping sound just perfect! When can I come stamp with you?? :-)

  6. Hey Jules! I cannot wait to meet with you one day and have a ‘tini! I love ya girl!

  7. You are too funny. Tinis have a way of catching you off guards when you make them at home. I broke my last glass so now I just use my red wine glasses~LOL! Seems like you drink less that way.

    Love the card. It might be simple, but I think it is simply perfect. TFS

  8. Cute card, Simple but to the point and very sweet. I love the Prima flowers. – I’ve never had an Appletini but have been hearing a lot about them lately! Enjoyed your story about drinking them. Have a great week. Ida

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