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Agapanthus by Stampendous; Ornate Border Image from "French Mail" set by Crafty Secrets; Die Cut Decorative Notepad Paper by ATD; "Thanks" Epoxy Sticker from Michael’s; Double Spiral Clip by SU!; Black & White Polka Dot Organdy by May Arts

Every once in a while, a bolt of lightening hits, and a design "gels".  I love when that happens–wish it did more often– and I get so flippin’ excited, that . . . well . . .yeah.   I bounce!  (insert rolling eyeballs)

I ordered the Agapanthus from Joy & Daisy, co-owners of  Eclectic Paperie, and when it came, along with various other items I simply could not resist, heh, heh, heh!, Oh ME OH MY!!! 

I actually happened to spy the epoxy stickers a month or so ago in a Michael’s $1 bin and snagged a package.  Of course, now, in hindsight, I should have bought more, because are there any left now?  NooOOOooo!!! (insert totally-disgusted-with-self "ugh!" for choosing *that* particular time to exhibit shopping restraint, criminy!)

The notepad paper I found last weekend at Wal Mart, when we had to kill a few hours in between the two basketball tournament games my son was playing in.  I just liked it because it seemed very chic and European.  Now how the heck would I know what "seems" European, having never been across the pond ever in my entire life???  Obviously, I need to get off the Continent, and over there some time, eh?!  snort!

Anyhoo, when my Eclectic Paperie order arrived, my eyes kinda bugged outta’ my head when my brain started racing from this stamp image, to the paper, to the epoxy stickers.  I nearly PIMP’d, I was so excited! chuckle!

I considered adding some color, but I *really* liked it so much just the way it was, I didn’t want to tamper with it.  I loved how the sheer organdy ribbon allows the double spiral clip to show through, and along the right side, I needed some "filler" to balance it out, so I decided I wanted something that had the same sophistication as the rest of the design. 

To the rescue was a border image from the "French Mail" set by Crafty Secrets.   Fellow blogger and stamper extraordinaire Anna Wight (a.k.a. Sweet MissDaisy on SCS), carries this line of stamps in her store, Sassy and Sweet Crafts.  If you enjoy vintage images, Crafty Secrets recently released a variety of fantastic clear stamp sets, the quality is outstanding, and I think Anna carries all of ‘em in her store–happy shopping! (wink!)

" . . . Maybe one day you could write about how you found your "voice" in stamps. . . How did you figure out what works and doesn’t work? How do you know when to throw away the card or put it aside for awhile? How do you learn about color theory? When is there enough bling and when too much? How long does one card take from beginning to end . . . "–Karenm

Hey, Karenm!  Thank you!  {{{{hugs}}}}   I must admit I have zero formal art training . . . sometimes, tho, I think it would be just the greatest fun to teach a series of on line classes that explore these sorts of things . . .

  1. wowww! i really like this card :) the stamp design is very nice and love black and white!

  2. Oddly enough, I have a similar flower stamp, the same Michael’s stickers, and similar paper from Walmart. I must have stumbled onto your site for a reason!

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