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Fresh Bloom by Stampendous; "Thank You" by PaperTrey Ink; Fabriano Mediovalis Folded Reply Card (my shopping source for these is StarLitStudio on Ebay); Versamagic Ink Turquoise Gem by Tsukineko; Prismacolor Marker in Spanish Orange

Letterpress.  I *love* it.  Simply elegant, simply sophisticated. Every time I walk into a fine stationary shop, the first thing I head straight over to are the letterpress cards.  When friend Patti (Patti operates All About Paper up in Alberta, Canada) sent me this GAAAAW-JUS thing, all I could think of is what a fabulous letterpress style card it would make! 

So . . . what exactly is letterpress?  Click HERE, for more information. (I swapped out the Wikipedia link originally posted and put another web address that better explains it with visual examples)  When I see it, I’m always WOW’d.

So, I had to try simulating it.  *Had* to.  There are a lot of things that could be done with this image.  But, this was the one thing I absolutely had to try first and foremost.  After stamping and allowing the ink to dry, the centers were colored in with a Prismacolor marker.  That’s IT!   This image is so large, and so visually "strong", that it truly can stand alone–one of the reasons I’m so NUTS about it!  Big.  Bold.  Effortless.  Geeze, it doesn’t get any better or easier than that!

Before ya’ mess yer dress, you should know that I did NOT try this without first experimenting on scraps of Fabriano from previously botched projects.  I always save those scraps for testing.  Once I knew I could get the effect I wanted on the Fabriano, I forged ahead.

Why Fabriano?  Well, the type of paper used is *everything* when trying to pull off a design like this.  Fabriano is frequently used by letterpress printers.  It’s akin to watercolor paper in texture and weight, and in a lovely, rich cream color, with deckled edges that bespeak "handmade".   It’s fabulous to watercolor on! Even though I can’t actually impress the image down into the paper itself just by stamping, this is actually a pretty good letterpress look-alike!

I think Martha would approve . . .   Martha prolly knows all about Fabriano. Heck!–she prolly discovered it while still in the womb!

Oooooh, YES!!!  I’m sooooooooooo *happy* with this!!!  (Arms wrapped around self, bouncin’ gleefully and chortling all at the same time!)

The next time you’re in a fine stationary shop, stop to check out the letterpress greeting cards.  *Plush*.  It’s hard to appreciate, unless you see it in person.

Well, it’s Friday.  Spring Break for the Eb family, and we’re gettin’ outta’ Dodge on a week long trip!  I’m looking forward to seeing my parents, and my Grams for a few days, including a few days at my cousin Janice and her hubby Ronny’s home . . . where coins flow from the slot machine like water  . . . and Taylor always beats the men at poker, ‘cuz he’s such a pro doncha’ know (insert rolling eyeballs) . . . Janice and I?   . . . well . . . lemme see . . .  I have a pretty fair idea of what we’ll be doin’ . . . in her beautimous studio . . . have I ever mentioned what a divine appletini Janice makes? . . .  she always introduces me to the bestest stuff . .. (wink!)

  1. I about PiMP when I read that Martha/Fabriano comment, Julie! Seriously beyond funny, that!!!!! Bawahahahahahahahahaha!

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