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You know how sometimes you just do something purely for kicks?  Because it simply makes you smile, and laugh out loud?  Purely for fun?

I did that today. (grin!)

I was playing today with the A Muse polka dot mondo Monograms, and wanted to make a card with the "u".  If you needed to select one universally versatile letter, in addition to the one that represents your name, of course, get "u"It ROCKS!

So, as many of you know, I love A Muse’s chicken, too . . . 

So, where am I goin’ with this?  (at this point, you’re either highly irritated with me, for funnin’ around, or curious, bwa ha haaaaaaaaaa!)

Well, as I sit here be-boppin’ to John Mayer’s "No Such Thing", I hope the design below will encourage you to play with y’er rubbah . . . and, I do mean that with great sincerity! (chuckle)

Chicken, Solid Dot, Polka Dot Monogram "U", Orange Crush Band Note Card all by A Muse; Karen Foster Snap Stamps (Mini formal, 1/8") for sentiment; Colorbox Fluid Chalk Ink in Rouge; Memories Black Ink by Stewart Superior; Brilliance Pearlescent Yellow by Tsukineko; Ribbon by May Arts; Mini Glue Dots

This just cracked me–I do so love a card that cracks me!

I had purchased some Snap Stamps and my first use of them got me what I wanted, which pleased me, BUT, it was rather exhausting to assemble all the letters to say it . . .  (see the "I love you more than chocolate" design of some weeks ago)

Being somewhat on the slow side, I decided I should prolly give it yet another go; with practice, I could get faster, eh?!  ROTFLMAO!  And, this one did go faster–it dawned on me that during my first use, I kept looking at the rubber and trying to read the letters backwards, instead of the index on the top of the letters, as I worked . . .  Make no mistake:  I can be quite the moron at times . . . (insert rolling eyeballs)

Nevertheless, as I sat here groovin’, it put me in the frame of mind to not care how long I spent messin’ around, nor be concerned with the outcome . . . it wasn’t about making something "pretty", or  intricate, for submission, or anything deep . . .  it was about mood, feeling, and saying exactly what I wanted to say . . . just for kicks . . .

And, giggles, of course . . . (wink!)

I think I need to listen to music more often, as I stamp . . .

  1. Hi Julie, you do have a way with story telling, my dear! I love your little blurbs that go with your cards. This monogram chicken one is CUTE! I love how bright and punchy it is! And I just got those snap stamps too so I must try this. See ya.

  2. So cute! Music helps me stamp sometimes too!

  3. Julie- now you need to try doing “chicken of the sea”!!!!! HAHAHA!!! Really………thanks for sharing your beautiful works…your thoughtfulness touches many…near and far!

  4. What a fun card! So clever (and cute). Perfect ribbon choice. Love your designs!

  5. This is just such a cute card! I love the crisp feel to it, and the colors are so bright and happy. TFS!

  6. Girl, you are a riot! Love the card! I always stamp w/ music ~ can’t get much more relaxing than that! Have a good one!

  7. Totally FUN! Love it! Those polka dot letters are calling to me!!!!

  8. Love it! Love it! Love it! I am so glad that I am not the only “silly” stamper out there. I feel much less corny now. =) I just know I have to have some of those polka dot stamps. I am such an addict….it’s really sad at this point. But, I totally have a thing for polka dots and I know how cute this would be with all those cute polka dot ribbons I am gonna be gettin from TexasJody in the mail soon. Arrrggggghhhhh….the anticipation is killing me.

  9. You had me at John Mayer. :) Ka-UTE card!

  10. Very funny! Thanks for sharing the chuckles.

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