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Link: Stampin’ Kub – Tool Tutorials.

Trust me.  You GOTTA SEE THIS!!!  Kurtis is a genius!

mouth hangin’ wide open . . .

*Love* that kid!

  1. That tool is too cool :)

    Thanks for pointing me in that direction…it’s bookmarked now!!

  2. Wow, what talent. Thanks for turning me on to his blog. He has such a gift and is so nice to share with everyone.

  3. loved having a look at all his other stuff in his gallery, he is a great stamper!

  4. Julie – THANK YOU for posting the link to his blog. His work is amazing!! Can’t wait to check back often.

  5. TFS!!! I can finally stop feeling so dopey cause I couldn’t find life on that silly thing either!!

  6. He’s a guy and he’s young so he’s got the whole computer thing figured out. I love him!

  7. TFS! I love his comments in SCS. More goodies to help me grow!

  8. The Kub is Kool. :)

  9. How on earth do you find these web sites???? I’ve bookmarked as I have that BG stamp and can NEVER find the words I’m looking for. Thanks for posting.

  10. How fun! I have to tell ya his photography blows me away!!! Man he can make anything look stunning!

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