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Thank goodness it’s Friday!  It’s been a looooooong week–always is when there’s a gallery unveiling–as I scurry around like a head-less chicken taking care of things behind the scenes before the curtain goes up.  Of course, immediately afterwards, there is even more to be done!

Right now I am tired but, very happy!  I’m happy it’s Friday, and I’m happy I’ve got a brand spankin’ new blog banner! Yippeeeeeee!!  I’ve been wanting to re-do it for ages, but, daggummit–life goes by in a serious blur sometimes!  And, even tho I do know HOW to do it, thanks to my friends Paige, Jenn, Pebbles, and at least two different Heathers–and who knows how many other kind and generous souls that took pity on me when I begged them to teach me how– it takes me EONS.  Molasses on a frozen pipe moves along faster than I do, when it comes to this sort of thing . . .   SERIOUS!!!

But, I don’t have "eons" right now–nor the brain power to devote to it–so turned to my buddy Beth, of Freckled Fun DesignsBanner credits: Custom design by Beth Silaika at Freckled Fun Designs/Flourishes by Michelle Coleman of ScrapArtist.com //Font: exmouth, uncle charles <—BTW, if there’s a certain way I’m supposed to supply credits other than what I’ve done here, someone please tell me, cuz I wasn’t quite sure how to go about it. (wink!)

She is wicked fast, and had it done all "spit spot" like Mary Poppins, even after I made her change this and that . . . more than a few times . . . (!)  . . .  I was waiting for her to drop kick me . . .  LOL!   Mebbe, some day, if I practice, I will be wicked fast, too!   OK . . . prolly *not* . . . (insert rolling eyeballs)

It was a buggah (teeth grinding) to have so little time to devote to actually stamping this week, but, next week, I am definitely carvin’ out some time in the royal rubbah studio.  I’m startin’ to go into withdrawals . . . not good!!! (muttering)

  1. Lovely banner Jules. Sorry you are feeling so brain clogged! You really must slow down!!! When are you ever going to listen to me??? WACK!!!

  2. Hurray! Today – I see the banner! Very, very nice.

  3. Purdy purdy banner honey. *smooches* Mona

  4. Wahhhhh! I want to see the new banner! For some reason, I’m still seeing the older one as well. I’ll check again tomorrow!

  5. thanks, Joan and Jackie. I’ll have to try another way to get in. Still seeing the same “oldl” celery banner.

  6. The new banner looks great. And Julie – you just crack me up – I love to read all your comments, you always make me smile! Of course you have no clue who I am {a girl from Michigan} but I’m certainly a fan … and I’m guessing we’d be friends if we were neighbors!

  7. I love your enthusiasm and spunk Julie. I feel like I can really hear you talking…Great banner. Looking forward to seeing your rubbah revitalization projects!

  8. Looks fab, Jules. I love the flourishes and the fresh colors! Hope to see you SOON! Nina

  9. Love the new banner Julie. It looks more like you (at least I think it does)!

  10. Sorry – I’m sure it is beautiful but I can’t see it. I use a PC with Windows XP.

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