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On Monday, something quite fanstampmagorical happened to me . . .

I had the opportunity to send an email to someone quite special, who was trying to reach me:

Hi!  I am Julie.

I wrote about CHA Winter 07 on our website’s SCS@CHA blog, and a brief moment I had to be of assistance to my hero in distress. (wink!)

At the moment, I’m trying very hard not to gush on like an idiot about how much I admire you and have loved you for years.  I promise I’m not a stalker but, a total die-hard fan!

That said, how may I be of service to you?

Bouncing in excitement,

Julie Ebersole, HRR (Her Royal Rubberness)

And, I received a reply:

HELLO, Julie!

Thank you for responding so quickly…..

Now it’s my turn to gush…..

I read your reports on your days at CHA and thought they….and the accompanying photographs…were terrific! The pictures were excellent, your reports were varied and interesting and they made me think that you would be a good interviewer because you answered the questions your readers would have asked if they could have asked you questions. I enjoyed your enthusiasm and appreciated the information. You are just darn good!!!

And then there was your report concerning our meeting……..I quite literally laughed until there were tears…..and I was sitting alone at my computer at the time!!! I called several of my friends…including the one who had been upstairs holding the press room open for me and whose suitcase you were holding…and read them your report. They too thought it was hysterical. They had heard my side of the story, of course, but none of us had any idea what it must have seemed like to you. At the time, when I came back to retrieve the luggage I was so embarrassed about my panic -y behavior that I was sure I had blown any image you might have had of me as an adult and would forever after consider me a total twit. I so regret that I was totally unaware of any bowing and scraping you might have done.

But that’s not all…..Not only did you write a very funny account of the incident but an accurate one!

Oh yes….perhaps I should tell you how I happened on your report ….One of your [Splitcoast] members happened to be on the Carol Duvall Cruise last October and she read it .She mentioned it to a friend of hers in San Diego who happens to be a friend of mine and she e-mailed me the link!

Thank you again, Julie…..For your kindness at CHA, for the great information in your reports….and for writing a wonderful story to laugh about. Keep up your good work.

Carol Duvall

. . .  I could just bust from sheer giddiness at having this exchange with my hero . . . I’m still bouncin’ . . . with the goofiest, slap-happy grin you ever saw!

  1. Okay, get my giddyness. I frequent a website and blog of someone who has met, talked to, and received a PERSONAL e-mail from THE Carol Duvall. All, I can say is WOW!

  2. how awesome!!!!!!

  3. What a class act she is. You too!

  4. OMG Julie!!! How fantastic! An e-mail from Carol Duvall! I see she has recognized what a talented writer you are – talk about the ultimate compliment! I’m so thrilled for you, because you know she is my hero too. I was very sad to watch the last episode of her show on HGTV. :o( Her show will start appearing on DIY on Monday, but I don’t have that on my cable service, unless we sign up for digital package. I’m negotiating with my husband about that. :o) Linda

  5. Wow that is really cool! How wonderful for you! :D

  6. Wow!! An e-mail from the “Craft Diva” herself? It just doesn’t get any better than that, well that is unless she invited you on her show to share some of your awesome talent. Very cool Julie…

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