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Due to parent/teacher conferences going on the rest of the week,  Spring Break begins for my son, in the 4th grade, the instant the bell rings at the end of today . . . the rest of us poor sods must continue to work . . .

My husband just forwarded me yet another "Taylor Classic", that he received today, from his teacher . . .

– Today your son shared that he is going to his aunt and uncle’s house in Oregon.  (Out of respect, it has long been a family tradition for my children to address *my* cousin Janice and her husband Ronny, as "Auntie" and "Uncle", rather than calling them by their first name alone) He shared that he is excited because "I rock at Texas Hold-em and won $50.00 off my uncle and dad". (OK, I can’t EVER remember us playing for REAL money at any time–we play for CHOCOLATE!!!– but, it seems 4th graders enjoy "exaggerating" . . . He is, however, accurate about one thing:  He is *amazingly* good at Texas Hold-Em and frequently leaves  the rest of us wondering how in the world he does it at age 10!!!)  He then went on to share how good he is with slot machines and always wins.  He told  us that money just pours out of the machine but his uncle always makes him put it back. (This is because it’s not REAL money; they are tokens, that Uncle Ronny puts into the machine, for endless hours of fun for the kids . . . )

He shared that  getting straight 7′s  is the way to win…

I had to explain to the rest of the children what a slot machine is since most have not been to a casino yet. (!!!  . . . great, that’s just great, T . . . )

I am just glad he has had all these personal experiences with the odds of winning, since I haven’t taught my math unit on probability yet.  I’m sure he will pass with flying colors!!

I appreciate the many smiles your son brings to me each day!


I honestly don’t know whether to crawl under a rock and hide, or just roll on the floor laughin’, because really, what choice do I have??? 

I will say that I believe it is possible for a child to learn some basic math skills by playing "craps" . . . I’ll hafta do some diggin’ to find out if there’s a casino game that would help him master his multiplication facts . . . (insert rolling eyeballs  here)

  1. I am laughing pretty hard here, mainly because I have a 10 year old boy, too.

    What a thoughtful teacher to pass this along to you!!

  2. Definitely choose rolling on the floor laughing. This is such an awesome story, I can’t wait to share it with my family because we let the kids play Texas Holdem also. Isn’t life GRAND? TFS and making me laugh out (very) loud.

  3. That is the funniest story. Glad your son’s teacher has a sense of humor!

  4. My favorite memory of my Grandmother is when she would sit all of her grandkids around the kitchen table. She would save a little margarine tub full of nickels for each of us. Then we would sit around the table and play poker for hours. :) I won’t every forget it! :)

  5. That is hilarious!! So that’s what I have to look forward to from my younger kids? Geez Louise! {wink}

  6. That is the funniest story ever.

  7. That is super funny! :)

  8. Thanks for the laugh or should I say “snort”. This is just too funny! I have worked as a parent volunteer for four years now. Boy can I tell you about all the stories the kids tell me. I think you have your hands full, wait till he gets older. HA! I am laughing with you! Have a Happy Day!

  9. This is great! I am a 5th grade teacher and I have also taught 1st grade. I tell the parents at open house that I’ll believe 1/2 of what they tell me about home if they will believe 1/2 of what they tell them about school! lol Boy have I heard some funny stories!

    I just went to a math workshop where we learned a game to play with dice for multiplication. Have him roll 2 dice and multiply the numbers together. He could earn points, or money, for the correct answer. Once he gets a litle better give him a time limit for giving an answer. If he does not get the correct answer he will have to return one of the points he has already earned. I could come up with more if you like!

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