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I really should make a stack of these and just keep ‘em on hand . . . seems like whenever I really *need* a get-well card to send, by the time I actually get one done, the individual is healthy again and it’s a moot point. (insert rolling eyeballs)



Couch image by A Muse Art Stamps; Snap Stamps1/8" Formal by Karen Foster (Ellen Hutson LLC); Fabriano Mediovalis Reply Card (StarLitStudio on Ebay); Colorbox Fluid Chalk Ink in Dark Brown

The inside sentiment for this design reads, "Hope your day is cushioned in comfort."  I wish I’d been the genius that dreamed this whole card up, but, I’m happy to have spied it at Target one day . . . Their version was a tad fancier, with dry embossing all around each of the words on the front and the focal image, etc . . . I was too lazy to go quite that far, tho . . . and, while I recognize that many appreciate those extra little details, I still think it’s a quaint little card, just as it is!  And, best of all, I could crank out a gazillion of ‘em to have at the ready, the next time someone’s feeling puny (that’s my father-in-law’s word for "sick"; he’s from the Midwest, altho I have NO idea if that has anything to do with the term or not . . . chuckle!)!

Don’t ask me WHY I’m so into furniture–it perplexes me already, but, I just *love* this sofa image, along with the other A Muse image that features a cushy armchair and matching lamp . . . They just make me happy!

Hayley "went down" on Tuesday . . . and so far Dave remains the sole Ebersole unscathed . . . as of this morning . . .

The DD Gallery unveils, and I have many tasks to perform before that happens, and, I’m so far behind, I can see my arse up ahead . . . Bwa ha haaaaaaaaaaa!!!  You knew that was comin’ didn’t ya’?  I have NO idea where I picked that up, but, I’ve adopted it as a Julie-ism–the visual just CRACKS me!


Thank you, everybody for all the get-well wishes you posted!  I have but one word to describe this particular flu bug:  *nasty*  May you and yours all be spared!

Now, I best get on back to the salt mines–I *must* put some productive distance between me and that arse of mine before the curtain goes up . . . Eeeeeeeeeek!


  1. I’m sooooooooooo glad to see you are back. Missed you, and all the neat little things you share.

  2. Well, puny is a word common in the south too (TX). Guess it’s used ALMOST everywhere, except perhaps in your little isolated corner of the world! HaHaHa! Just kidding! Glad you’ve bounced back – hope the hubby doesn’t catch the bug – I don’t know about your guy, but for my hubby it’s always the end of the world when he’s sick (worse than a child). Wonder if there are any guys out there who can “take it like a mom?” : )

  3. The use of the word “puny” is fairly common in the South also, or at least it is around our beautiful mountains of Virginia. Glad to hear you’re feeling like your loveable and creative self again. Hope your household is a “bug-free zone” very soon. Thanks for sharing your very cute card!

  4. Julie,
    I love your work! You are such an inspiration to others. And here I thought I was the only one who loved furniture stamps (sofas, chairs and tables, beds, etc.)

    Great job on your card!

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