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. . . Some other questions I had about your duties – 1) Do you pick the themes one month ahead of time or do you do an editorial calendar so current members can work on future themes? 2) When does the surprise DD members upload their profile – at the beginning or end of the month (meaning closer to the 15th)? 3) Are the DD members required to upload X amount of cards or X amount of projects each month? Or just whatever they feel like?–Karen S

1.  We try to map out the themes about 6+ months in advance, and allow flexibility for tweaking a theme, modifying the timing/order of appearance, if necessary.

2.  We request that all current Dirty Girls, including the noobies, maintain updated profiles, however I couldn’t say when they actually update them.  If you’re referring to their biographical information in their debut gallery, some upload early in the month, and others later, depending on when they have it prepared, but, in any case, always with enough lead time for me to prep it for publication to the bios page.

3.  We have a team "goal" of 100 projects each month, which is actually a considerable amount, if you were to compare it with print publications, which typically come out every other month.  We request that the Designers upload between 6-8 original designs/projects per month, so that this goal is evenly distributed among the entire team, and to avoid burn-out.  If a particular designer is unable to one month, for whatever reason, the rest of the team rallies to "cover".  Many Alumni Designers have also volunteered to "pinch hit", should we need help. *wink*  6-8 projects may not sound like very many, but a number of the designers work full-time jobs, and also have families.

  1. Thanks for posting the info. I’ve wondered how the DD comes up with their themes.

  2. Thanks for letting us know about some of the details for the DD!! I was always curious as the what the monthly requirements were for the designers.

  3. Wow Julie – thanks so much for posting this…these questions were in the back of my mind…just didn’t know whether to ask them!! What a tremendous responsibility…you do an awesome job at it!!! Thanks so much for making it all work!!
    Cathy (stamper-c on SCS)

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