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Supplies & Materials, Step by Step Instructions, available here, in PDF format – www.amuseartstamps.com/cotw/april202007.pdf  If you enjoy A Muse Art Stamps, be sure to get on their email list–they send out a happy little newsletter every week that features a fun new card design, like this one!

I *really* needed to cheer myself up today. Along with several deadlines this week, Hayley appears to have some sort of tear duct or sinus infection so we have to go to the doctor, and I am weary . . . I don’t know any other word for it . . .

My appreciation and admiration of the SCS Moderators continues to grow . . . they are truly the un-sung peace-keepers of SCS, volunteering countless hours in an effort to maintain a friendly, positive atmosphere.

Making decisions, without letting your personal views interfere, is one of the most difficult challenges I have ever faced in my life, and they do it, multiple times, daily.  It saddens me that they should even have to step into any forum dialogue to remind folks of the TOS, and it further baffles me that they are criticized for doing their job, both right on SCS, and elsewhere.  They can’t win for losing . . .

And, so, I *need* to go out and do something positive, something kind, something that lifts another up, to re-energize me, and counter-act that negative energy.

I must focus on the tasks I have at hand, so I will probably not blog again this week, but, whatever you do today, wherever you go . . .

I genuinely wish you a happy, light heart, and a lot of internal sunshine!  May the Force be with you! *grin*

  1. Julie, I love your frog–he’s classic Julie! I don’t know what’s going on at SCS–not enough time to stay in the loop–but I DO know that you are one classy lady, and you will come out on top. Hang in there!

  2. The card is MAGICAL and the frog must be a prince because he’s so cute!
    I “ditto” your thoughts about the SCS moderators, TFS.

  3. I was under the impression that you were a moderator, yet from the wording in your post, you act as if you are not. I thought only moderators could remove threads. Interesting…

  4. Hmmm…I was under the impression that you are a moderator yet, from the wording in your post, you act as if you are not. I thought only moderators could remove threads. Interesting.

  5. I read your blog all the time and find GREAT inspiration and always enjoy your humor!! I hope that your week picks-up and you find a ray of sunshine all your own!! (Also your chicken cards are hilarious and I love the frog!)

  6. It’s a shame about the SCS Forum Flame. I didn’t read it…but I hope everyone pauses and thinks hard about what you guys do…the effort, the energy and the FREE work. Keep it up many appreciate it…while a few are just loud.

    Great froggy card, I just love your masking! Makes it look like you hand colored each part of the stamp.

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