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When I attended CHA 06 in Las Vegas, Martha Stewart had just announced joining forces with EK Success to produce a new line of scrapbooking and paper crafting products.  It’s been a long wait . . . but, it’s finally here!  (Martha Stewart to Launch Line at Michaels)

I had a chance yesterday to get off "The Rock" (Prom dress accessories for tonight’s big dance–NO, not me, Smarty Pantses–HAYLEY.  Her date was unable to attend, but, she’s still goin’ stag, with her girlfriends and their dates–OMG!–does she look killer in the dress we were able to borrow from a friend, too . . . ), and after accomplishing the primary mission, and dinner at Panera’s (I *love* that place), I batted my puppy dog eyes at my daughter, and she sweetly humored me with a pit-stop so I could ogle this line, debuting exclusively at Michael’s stores nationwide.

While I frequently refer to myself as the "Anti-Martha", due to my lack-luster skills as a domestic goddess, I have always been an ardent admirer of Martha Stewart style–contemporary, classic, and with a graceful simplicity, that exudes fine quality, which, lucky for those that like it, can be duplicated with more modest budgets. (In my house we say, "us p’oh folk", *chuckle*)

The first thing I saw as I entered the store were paper crafting kits–charming lunch bag puppets, 3D tissue flowers, festive table decor, accordion books/journals, and scrapbooking papers with juvenile themes. Then, I turned and saw "The Wall".  There’s probably more, than what I’m about to list, but, here’s what memory recalls:

  • Full color complimentary idea sheets, featuring simple instructions, and shopping check-off lists referencing products used (nice!)
  • I was *very* impressed with the construction of the punches, which feature a flat top, so they are very easily stored, unlike the usual EK Success Punches ( which rarely remain upright, due to their rounded tops)
  • Nice selection of ribbon in all types and price ranges 
  • Colored Glassine Paper on rolls
  • Food packaging die cut boxes
  • Scrapbook papers
  • Colorful tissue papers
  • Clear stamp sets (these appeared to be non-yellowing photopolymer, but I couldn’t tell for sure).
  • Several large pairs of wood mount stamps (I drooled over the birds, but, the leaves were also lovely)
  • Rub-ons (I’m not fond of rub-ons personally, so I’d love to see these reproduced in clear stamp sets)
  • Pre-punched vellum/glassine embellishments
  • Beautiful shades of fine/ultra fine glitter
  • Paper crafting accessories such as clear acrylic grid rulers, and white handled tools (scissors, rotary blades/handles, craft knives, etc.)
  • Vast array of adhesives including glues
  • Dimensional embellishments
  • Scrapbooks ranging up to 18×18" formats
  • Pre-packs of patterned papers
  • Rolls of gift wrap
  • Stickers for scrapbooking, as well as die cut labels for packaging purposes

The line is designed to color coordinate all across the different themes and easily mixed and matched, whatever project you are working on.  Martha’s signature colors included white and cream, chocolate, pale and more intense shades of apricot, cloud blue, celery/sage/evergreen, teal, lavender, red, "kraft" . . .

I felt the whole line was very competitively priced, when compared to other major scrapbook manufacturer’s lines, and, in some cases, seemed to me to be exceptional value, considering the quality–like this ribbon in the photo below:

I came away on this trip only with:  3/8" nylon ribbon with chocolate piping (apricot and cloud) at 12 yds/$2.99 US, and a Cornflower Punch, $9.99–I’ve never seen spools of ribbon with a straight side, so it doesn’t go rolling off your work surface; clever touch on the packaging, I thought.

And, I am totally KICKING myself that I didn’t also at least get:

  • The set of 2 Birds Stamps (wood mounted and quite large images)
  • Double-sided Flora Sticker Roll (stunning with the beautiful colored glitters)
  • Clear Ornamental Bodoni (?) Alphabet Stamp Set
  • Pointed Circle, Butterfly, and Birch Leaf Punches

Argh!!!  This is one of those times when I probably should have trusted that impulse buying voice, that nagged in the back of my head, and which is STILL nagging at me today . . . (grimace and frown)

I personally like Martha’s new paper crafting line very much, and curious to know if it will remain exclusive to Michael’s stores only, or if that is limited to this debut . . .

At any rate, I’m already anxious for my next trip to Michael’s! *wink*

  1. Oo what better comno can you ask for Martha Steawart & Crafts!!! Will have to look out in the Uk to see if their are any suppliers!

    I have a quesiton about your citrus fruits! Lovely job by the way, are the daisy’s patterned paper? or did you do that part yourself as well?

  2. Oooh! I just happened to stumble into Michael’s on Sunday to consider the Cuttlebug (still can’t bring myself to buy it; not sure what’s holding me back…) once again, when what to my wondering eyes should appear but MARTHA!!! I so know what you mean — wouldn’t want to hang out with her, but love love love every consumer item she thrusts at us!! I resisted everything but some paper, ribbon, and an ink pad (I’m totally infatuated with her Aloe color), but your descriptions and photo make me want to go back!! I hadn’t even considered the punch features and how easy they would be to store. See? That’s why you’re HRR. Me? I just drool and say “oooh! Pretty!” and stuff like that. *sigh* I would totally have sold Manhattan for $24 worth of shiny beads…

  3. Hey enabler:)
    I went shopping today and wrote another long post about my take on it as well…thanks for the reminder!!

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