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I can’t think of a better way to start a vacation than with good friends, and rubbah!!! (wink!) Well, that and everybody healthy . . . At the moment, we’re spending an extra night at the Oregon Coast, which has been fun, until my son woke up at 2 am this morning  . . . It’s no fun being stuck in a hotel room, on a beautiful sunny day at the beach, with faaaar more than an upset tummy . . . (sad face), but, sometimes, that’s the way the cookie crumbles . . .

I figured, since we’re anticipating an unexpected extra night here at the shore, I’d use this "pause" in our trip to write about the weekend!

Saturday morning started with a trip to Everett for the SnoHeaux PNW Shoebox Event, and it was such a blast to attend and partner up with Linda Carnell, owner of A Muse Art Stamps, to provide a make & take for all the participants!

It was a secret that Ellen Hutson, and Karen Lockhart, owner of Lockhart Rubber Stamps, and, Linda and I were gonna be there with some extra projects for everybody to have fun with!  We thought we were being soooooo sneaky, but a few clever chicks were onto us!  chuckle!

Our hostesses Novell, Joyce and Dawn worked SO hard–a first rate facility/location, a lasagna lunch, snacks and desserts brought in by all the participants, unbelievable collection of door prizes donated by area companies, and everybody’s outstanding shoebox projects just made for a PERFECT afternoon!  Our hosts were so organized, and I got a chance to meet so many SCSers in person, that I’ve only had the chance previously to chat with online!  These ladies deserve a standing ovation for putting on a top notch event! Oh, YEEEAAAAAAH!!!!, BABY!!!  DAT’S WHAT I’M TALKIN’  ‘BOUT!!!

When there was a break, and I could restrain myself from gabbin’ a blue streak, I wandered around at each table and ogled everybody’s projects–FANSTAMPMAGORICAL!!!!  (I know, I know . . . so NOT a word.  But, it’s OK!  You know what I mean, right???!!!)

Here’s some pics of the fun:


A Muse Make & Take:  All stamp images, notecard, Micro Twinkle Stickers by A Muse Art Stamps; Stewart Superior Palette Ink in Noire or Stewart Superior Memories Ink in Black; Pebbles, Inc. Shimmer Pastels, Marvy Uchida Giga Scallop Oval Punch; Coluzzle Oval Companion Mat (ring #5, counting from the outermost ring inward); Pink Double faced Satin Ribbon, source unknown.

This card design was the A Muse make & take project I brought for all the participants!  Some eyes narrowed when I pulled out my Coluzzle–it’s a frequently misunderstood, and, therefore, much underappreciated tool. (insert sad face)  I happen to think it’s one of the most ingenius shape cutting systems ever created, but, it does take a little practice to understand its nuances.  Once you do, however, you’ll be a Coluzzle MANIAC, like moi!

The inspiration for this design came from those charming sugar eggs–the ones with the little Easter scenes in them?  They’re so pretty that you dare not eat them!  Anyhoo, I adore window cards, and this was such a fun way to do a window card by incorporating the use of the scallop punch with the Coluzzle!  Punch your scallop oval first, and glue it down only along the edges (scallops) to the card front. Then center the Coluzzle oval template into place, and cut out the regular oval.  It can help to use removable tape to anchor the template to the paper–because you are cutting through 2 thicknesses of card stock, which can be a little more challenging to cut through, and you don’t want the template to shift position. (wink!)

The oval opening was positioned a little high, because I have a hidden sentiment that is viewable only when the card is opened:  "to one of my favorite peeps!"   It’s one of my all-time favorite A Muse stamps and I love the fact that it can be used ANY time of year–not just for Easter cards!  Yippeeeeeee!!!

OK, more pics below:

GarnetJ on SCS–She has such a lovely, warm personality–I love reading her posts on SCS and it was so fun to meet her in person finally!


Dorinda on SCS–Fun and funny Dorinda!  I got to meet her at Portland Regionals a few years ago for the 1st time, and it was soooooo fun to see her again!  I’ve always been envious of her beautifully auburn hair and her fun flippy ‘do–so hip, eh?!–and you cannot imagine how surprised I was to learn she does her hair HERSELF!  ……….THUD!  The girl’s got skillzzzzzz!!!


Jaydekay on SCS–She is just the sweetest of sweet people, and I ’bout flipped at the end of the day, when she brought me the supplies to do her gaaaw-jus shoebox project, featuring a die cut gerbera daisy–to die for!


SleepyinSeattle (Joanne), who is so SO nice, a petite thing with these gorgeous eyes and beautiful smile– and, ReindeerTrout (Dawn), who’s such a witty chick–she’s a hoot to banter back and forth with in the SCS forums!


Linda Carnell, owner of A Muse.  I was babbling about having been designing for A Muse for " . . . something like 2 years???", looking to Linda to confirm, and, she said, "Um, no.  FOUR!"  It hit me at that moment, that time sure flies by *uber* fast when you have as much fun as I do with Linda!& nbsp; Always good times!!! (silly, goofy grin!)


Good times with everybody that joined us at our M&T table throughout the day!

Linda brought some fun extra designs to display–do you see Chicken??!!!  chuckle!


I wish I’d had more time to watch Karen Lockhart in action–her coloring techniques are just fabulous, and Ellen had some beautiful creations displayed as well.

This shot of Ellen, Ann, and Debbie cracked me and I couldn’t resist sharing it here . . .


Several other absolutely DELIGHTFUL people I was so thrilled to get to chat with, but, I didn’t actually get any pics of (whining):  Kysmom (Heather), an absolute sweetheart whose refreshingly simple and clean designs I’ve admired on SCS for quite some time!),  YLM (Cindy), who just cracks me!! She constantly had me in giggle fits!  Doodah (Debbie), full of such positive warm energy–in fact, she kinda bounces like someone else we know . . . LOL!– and, her eyes sparkle big time behind those swanky specs of hers (which I am on the hunt for, soon as I visit the eye doc!), Stamps&Cars (Ann), who I often enjoy chatting back & forth with in the forums at SCS–Ann is such a delightful spirit and it was truly a thrill to meet her IRL for the first time! I had a chance to visit and exchange warm hugs with Faithful (Faith), and Suen was down all the way from ALASKA and she saved one of her shoebox projects for me, too!  Castle’s (Judy) project was a striking Asian design–I encouraged her to start a gallery on SCS because I think we’re bein’ deprived of some beautiful creations by this lovely, gracious lady!  And, I am hoping I didn’t scare Bluebear (Sarah) from moving to scenically beautiful Whidbey Island . . . When I mentioned we’d lost power 7 times due to high winds during the winter, and that we do NOT in fact have a Costco (according to Costco management, we prolly never will)  NOR a Trader Joe’s on the island, I saw a look of sheer terror and alarm fill her eyes . . . clearly, that was an unexpected tidbit that very much destroyed her delusions about island living . . . ROTFLMAO!

What a fun day–it is always so enjoyable to hook up with fellow SCSers and I loved having a chance to match faces to names–and REAL names, not just screen names–and, I hope folks didn’t mind too much that I’m a hugger . . .

Hopefully tomorrow, we’ll be on our way to Janice’s for MORE family fun, and, rubbah adventures!!! (wink!)


  1. Why is it that nothing fun like this goes on in the New York tri-state area where I live? I feel like all the stamping divas live on the west coast! I’m really just jealous and wishing I had a fun event like that to attend. Hey Julie – ever think about coming to NY? :^) Looks like it was lots of fun!

  2. Oh Julie!!! I was so excited to meet you! Your SCS message was just enigmatic enough to make me think you might be there.
    I love all your artistic creations on SCS and you have always been so kind to answer my questions. But egads!! That smile on my face looks downright fake!!!!! In reality I was trying not to laugh too loud so the camera would not photograph my tonsils! Oh well…… that’s why I don’t like cameras.
    Hugs….. GarnetJ

  3. Looks like so much fun.

  4. OoooooooooOOOOOooooooOOOOOOOooooo wow, that’s a great, great M&T ya’ have there!

    These pics are soooo fun, TFS.

  5. Julie, are you holding a battery in one hand and a bella in the other??? You realize that is a LETHAL combination?? LOL. I am SO jealous! I wish I could have been there with all of you to play and learn.. hmph.
    It’s memories like those that keep us going and keep us happy.
    Happy times

  6. Gorgeous M and T, Julie! Looks like you had a wonderful time! Hope your son is feeling better very soon (and that he beat the adults in cards!) :-)

  7. I’m think I’ll have a tantrum, only thing is I can’t get down on the floor, LOL! I am soooooooo jealous…I would ABSOLUTELY LOVE to have been there!!!! Looks and sounds like way too much fun. There is nothing more I would like to do than meet all the wonderful people I’ve met on blogs. TFS (I think, or am I a glutton for punishment? Not.)

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