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Well, I was tagged 3x in 2 days this week.  As I understand it, tagging is a fun game among bloggers.  I genuinely appreciate that you folks peek in here, and share in the fun of my adventures.  While the last thing I want to do is offend anybody who has been kind enough to tag Paper Trufflez, I am going to decline participating.  I simply have no favorites, and just enjoy different blogs for different reasons, when I can find a few rare minutes to blog-hop.  Instead, I invite you to randomly pick a blog from my blog-hoppin’ menu, and see where it takes you–it’s like a box of chocolates!  You never know what you’re gonna get . . . *wink*

  1. I feel the same way. While I don’t mind sharing the “7 things about me” on my blog I’m not tagging anyone else.

  2. Well said. I check blogs to see what these incredibly talented people do. I salivate at the talent. BUT when all I see is chatter, it just wears me out. When you creative people happen to mention a blog that has something outstanding, it is fun to click and see. But we are all attracted to different styles. Let’s just let it naturally happen. Most blogs were more interesting about two months ago. Sorry but everyone is now either doing blog candy (nice but only one person benefits) or tagging or doing the ‘learn about me’ thing. Sorry but things have changed lately. Sorry but this is how I feel…….

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