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Link: So, April 15th is just around the corner . . . – Splitcoaststampers.

Chuckle!  The above is just one small aspect of what I do over on Splitcoast . . .

For some reason, mebbe a year or so ago, I thought it would be fun to write a teaser poem within a day or few of the gallery unveiling . . . Little did I know what I was getting myself into . . . (wink!)  It can take me up to two hours to write those ditties because I’m definitely UN-skilled in the realm of poetry . . . LOL!

What many don’t realize, is that until the gallery is actually filled with projects, I often don’t have enough "fodder" to write a poem about until a day or few before the 15th, as the designers work feverishly to get their projects finished, uploaded, and recipes/descriptions completed in time!

So, what exactly do I do, as a Splitcoast Team Member and the Design Team Coordinator?  Well, the following are duties I perform throughout the month, from each gallery unveiling to the next:

  • Scope out the galleries of potential nominees relayed to me by the current DD, and SCS community members, as well as conduct gallery searches with a keyword, just to see what turns up–this frequently leads to some fantastic talent that I otherwise wouldn’t have discovered!
  • Review the galleries of Dirty Dozen Design Team Nominations and determine which of these will best round out our team, over the next 6 months.  This can take hours–sometimes days, due to the process involved.
  • Invite the two new designers with an explanation of what the Dirty Dozen is, and exactly what we’d be asking of them
  • Once they’ve accepted the invitation, prepare them for entry to the DD (a number of communiques involved) and introduce them to the rest of the team
  • Brainstorm future gallery themes with the team
  • Set up these future galleries behind the "curtain"
  • Prepare incoming Design Team Members’ biographical information and photos for publication to the About Design Team Page(s) and move outgoing designers bio info to the Alumni page
  • Coordinate product sponsorship, and sometimes this includes packaging, and shipping out these products out to each team member, along with Beate, our SCS Tutorial Coordinator
  • Compose the monthly gallery announcement and ready it for publishing to the homepage
  • After the Gallery unveils, convert the artworks from each of our new designers from their hidden UserIDs (this is how we keep that element of surprise every month, chuckle!) into their regular Splitcoast UserIDs–yup!  That all has to be done manually, and by yours truly!
  • Communicate on a daily basis with the Designers in the Design Team Forum, as well as answer questions that new incoming Designers may have and assist them as they learn all the ins and outs that first month
  • Respond daily to a variety of private messages from Splitcoast Community Members
  • Communicate daily with folks out in the General Stamping forum that have questions, or need assistance with things site related or just stamping related
  • Scan some of the forums, daily, pitching in with Moderation when needed

In between that, design work I do from home, and caring for family and household (for some reason, there is *always* cleaning, cooking, laundry, ironing, chauffering, miscellaneous errands, help with homework, etc. needing to be done!  What is up with that???? –insert rolling eyeballs–)   I try to actually stamp a thing, or mebbe three, if I’m lucky, by the deadline for the coming Gallery . . . The 15th always seems to sneak up on me . . . much too fast . . . there are always about half a dozen or more designs I have in my head for the monthly theme, that I’m not able to get done . . .

It’s past midnight and I’m plumb tuckered . . . I’ve only got tomorrow left to make sure the gallery’s good to go by deadline . . . I think the Fan Club Members are really gonna get a kick out of this one . . . I’m hoping to get the homepage write up finished early enough tomorrow so that I can squeak out just one more design in time . . . *wink*


  1. Julie, you are a talented lady in many ways! I so appreciate that you share your gifts with us. But most of all I love your enthusiasm and your tongue-in-cheek humor. How delightful it must be to know you as “friend”! Thanks for your attention to the many details it takes to keep the DD gallery (and your own blog) going. I love your design style and I appreciate you! I always look forward to what I will find when I click on the link that takes me to your blog or gallery. I’m so glad that among the many details of life you find time to be creative. Thanks!

  2. I won’t venture into the corny ‘you’re a poet and don’t know it’ corner, but you are definitely a wonderful wordsmith, not to mention one hard workin’ woman. And you have kids, a husband, and find time to stamp, too?! I bet you can leap tall buildings in a single bound, as well. Anyway, thanks for EVERYTHING you do — you’re our HeRRo!!!

  3. You are the best!! That is alot of work for all of us stalkers, oops I mean stampers!! Thanks for all you do!!!


  4. Wowzers! That’s a lot of involvement.. but we luv ya for it!! ;)

  5. WOW! I didn’t realize how much work was involved with the DD gallery. I for one, sure do appreciate all your hardwork & dedication. Now off I go to see what you & the DD team have cooked up for us this month! Thanks Julie!!!!

  6. Wowzers! My mind is boggled with all of the stuff YOU have to do(!). What a neat article filling us all in on all of the behind the scenes activities. Thanks so much for all of your hard work—we love you for it!

  7. You have skillz my friend….SKILLZ!

  8. Julie, I am sure most of the Fan Club members have no idea the amount of work you do to coordinate this project daily, weekly and monthly. I really appreciate the time you devote to SCS as well as your blog. I especially appreciate your dedication to strive for excellence. The SCS community is very important to me and I have so appreciated all the friendships I have developed and all that I have learned. You exemplify the desire for sharing creativity with all. I am most impressed with this!!!!!! Thank you, Julie.

    Kittie kittie747

  9. Thank you for every single thing you do for all of us! Your work is amazing, and how you have time to actually stamp when you’re so buys is beyond me! That DD gallery is worth every PENNY of the Fan Club Membership — in fact, I’m off to check it NOW! Have a great day Julie.

  10. with all you have to do, I am so glad to see that you keep you sense of humor. I usually start giggling about half-way thru your epistle.. sometimes my dh comes to see what I am laughing about. Keep on trucking. thanks for sharing your love…. maryann

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