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The sun is shining magnificently on Whidbey Island today, which I think calls for a super sunny card design to celebrate! *grin*


Lion and Sentiment:  Summer Release, 07.  All stamp images, 4 1/4 Papaya Note Card, and Papaya Bold Stripe Pretty Little Papers are by A Muse Art Stamps; Palette Hybrid Ink in Noir; Colorbox Fluid chalk Ink in Lime Pastel; Prismacolor Markers; Martha Stewart "Cornflower" Punch; Mega and Giga Scallop Square Punches by Marvy Uchida; Black Mini Brads by Doodlebug Designs; Black Gingham by May Arts

*wink*  It WORKED!!!

I’ve seen the idea of a lion as an actual dandy-lion FLOWER done a few times over the years, but, I can’t recall if I ever actually tried one myself.  So, I here’s my rendition! 

Lion’s face make the perfect center for Martha Stewart’s new Cornflower punch!!!  I punched it twice, and elevated the top layer of petals, to make him extra fluffy!  His face is actually mounted to the center with a piece of foam mounting tape.

I’m wishing now, that I had some orange Liquid Appliqué or flock–do they make that stuff in orange???  I think it would have looked quite nice on his mane.  But, either way, I’m still thrilled with how he turned out!

I’m havin’ more fun than a girl has a right to, with the A Muse Summer ’07 images–keep your eyes peeled for ‘em at your local stamp/scrap stores!

My personal favorites:

  • Recliner
  • Sandcastle
  • Lawnmower
  • Camper
  • Hammock
  • Tent
  • Skunk(ette) *wink*
  • Campfire
  • Lion
  • Tiger
  • 3 Trees

I’ve been playing with my Prismacolor Markers, since I got ‘em.  My findings?


  • Non-bleeding, permanent, depending on stamping ink used
  • Excellent and wide color range, from pale to dark with all kinds of variations.
  • Great intensity of coverage
  • Dual tips (bullet and bold), that appear to be very durable/long-lasting
  • Little or no streaking
  • You can actually use a lighter colored marker over the top of a darker colored marker and achieve some interesting blending effects! 


  • They don’t work for direct to rubber
  • Can’t watercolor with ‘em
  • Can re-activate some stamping inks and cause it to smear out–argh!
  • No refills available as there are with their more expensive Copic counterpart
  • More expensive than water-based markers
  • Color "seeps"through most card stocks; if you’re layering the image, this isn’t gonna be an issue, but if you are doing a single layer card, if the paper isn’t dense enough, keep that in mind.

So far, after my trials with  Colorbox Fluid Chalk, Staz-On, and Palette Hybrid Inks, I have found my own personal preference is to use them with Palette Hybrid.  I seemed to only have smearing issues with Palette, if I went over the ink repeatedly with the marker, whereas I suffered "issues", when I used any other inks.  Versafine is a very popular ink among stampers, but, I’ve discovered I have "transfer" occur *every* time I use that ink (onto my hand, and then onto another part of the project), so I’ve given up on it . . .  If anybody has tips to help me love that ink, I’d like to hear ‘em–I wish the manufacturer wouldn’t tout it as an "instant drying" pigment ink, because I can’t get it to dry quickly even with heat setting to avoid the transfer problems . . . drives me nuts! (*snort*)

I’m not a professional illustrator, so I decided to invest in the Prismacolor Markers as a "more affordable" alcohol-based marker; sometimes I need the properties of alcohol based markers, over water-based, for certain projects.  Prismacolor Markers are available at a wide variety of art supply and stamp stores, both B & M, or online, but, if you’re an "A Muse Fun-Addict" looking to purchase colors that specifically match A Muse papers, or wanna know Linda’s favorites (*grin*), then I suggest checking out her My Favorite Things Album.  They carry all Linda’s favorites in the A Muse store and can help you with ordering.

Fellow Splitcoaster *danavee* actually conducted some very extensive tests with both Prismacolor and Copic Markers, so rather than re-inventing the wheel, well, that and the fact that I don’t own a single Copic Marker with which to compare (yet, anyway! *wink*) I’m providing the link to the results she shared on Splitcoast.

Link: The results are in: Prismacolor & Copic vs. black ink – Splitcoaststampers.

Have a great weekend, and a wonderful Mother’s Day!  We’re celebrating my son’s 11th birthday this weekend, filled with taking him and his two good buddies go-karting, the cinema (Spiderman 3–Woo hooooo!!!  I love Marvel Comic Heros on the silver screen!  My son and I have a pact that we ALWAYS hit the theater whenever they come out!), a Dairy Queen ice cream blitz, and sleepover.  maybe Mother’s Day will be relatively peaceful and relaxing by the time Sunday rolls around . . . *chuckle*

  1. Oh my gosh Julie, this is just too cute. I’ve got that Martha punch and didn’t think to use it for a mane.

  2. Adorable Julie! So clever!

  3. Cute, cute, cute! You did a fabulous job putting this card together, I love everything about it.

    I’m curious about the answer to Carol’s comment also. Thanks for the great review of your product testing, you rock as always. TFS.

  4. Oh my…I just love your Dandy-Lion! He’s adorable, and so is your card!!

  5. This card is so cute. tami

  6. Great job on the lion Julie! You’re such a good mom letting your son have his fun….even though it’s mother’s day too. Happy Mother’s Day to you!

  7. SOOOO CUTE! Once again, I wish I could have 1/8 of your creativity! Happy Mother’s Day!

  8. Weeeeelllll, you asked, so here’s MHO about Versafine. The Versafine images are so crisp and clean, I absolutely love mine and it never smears or transfers if used on something like regular CS, Arturo or watercolor paper. If you use a lot of the glossier CS like SU’s Whisper White, you’re gonna smear it ’cause it doesn’t dry instantly on anything the least bit glossy and that includes tissue. Patience is the key with Versafine if you use anything glossy. I let my images dry overnight if at all possible. I did 20 candles with Christmas Cardinals and I stamped on the tissue, and had pieces strewn all over my stamp room drying all night. The next day, I colored with markers (Tombo and SU) and no smearing. I know you’re into instant gratification, but you’ll be pleased if you have a little patience. Plan ahead! So much for my 2 cents!

  9. So totally adorable and creative! I love the idea of having the lion’s face in the flower!!!

  10. He’s too cute, that Dandy Lion of yours.

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