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Tea & Coffee Clear Art Stamps by Crafty Secrets (Sneak Peek!); Patterned Papers from the Pastel Paper Pad by Crafty Secrets; Brilliance Ink in Graphite Black; Alcohol Sketch Markers by Copic; Button by Foo-fa-la; Pink Bling Rhinestone Stickers by Heidi Swapp; Pink Polka Dotted Organdy Ribbon from Michael’s

This Tea & Coffee stamp set is coming soon and ever since I laid eyes on it, I’ve been dying to make Ann Taintor inspired cards.  I *adore* Ann Taintor’s sense of humor and snappy little quips, combined with the divas of yesteryear–just CRACKS me!

Even my daughter is wild about the divas–just so June Cleaver *perfect*

Ann Taintor’s work makes me think kitsch–and I love kitsch because it’s art that makes me laugh! 

"This term refers to the ‘low-art’ artifacts of everyday life. Paintings of Elvis on velvet, lamps from the statue of David and clocks in statues of Budda. The term comes from the German verkitschen meaning (to make cheap). It has been made popular in the years since the beginning of pop art. These objects are now revered by collectors as "camp", making low art into high art."–definition found on the web*

No, I don’t collect it, but, I admire and appreciate it!  And, laugh lots over it!

*I actually found a lot of web definitions, but, I think there’s more to describing it than some of the entries I came across, such as "art in pretentious bad taste".  The one I found above seemed a broader, more encompassing way to describe what kitsch is to someone totally unfamiliar with it, at least, IMHO . . . You know–like the "leg" lamp in the movie "A Christmas Story".   *grin*

  1. There’s an article about Ann Taitor in this months More magazine. I read it on your blog first and then my mag came in the mail. Ironic. huh

  2. OMG this is just too perfect!!!!!!!

  3. My favorite Ann Taintor is the “She kinda liked working for an idiot” I just bought a set of her file folders to get that one. ROFLOL

  4. Very cute, Julie!

  5. How great, now I am in the mood to watch some old movies on AMC OR TCM

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