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I’ll be in Vancouver, BC, on July 9th & 10th, teaching a series of classes at I’m Impressed!!!  WOO HOOOOOOO!!!  Check out their online newsletter for class times and registration information or call 604-684-4657!

If you take all three classes throughout the day/evening, they’ll feed ya’ lunch!  Is that cool or what?  The store is located on Granville Island–I haven’t been there since I was a teenager, so I’m thrilled to have a chance to visit there once again!  So come spend the day stampin’ with me!  Good times, I’m tellin’ ya’!!! 

What have I got up my sleeve?  Hmmmmm.  Lemme see:

A Colorful Christmas

We’ll put a fresh spin on all the colors of Christmas with A Muse’s holiday images and note cards!   6 holiday designs in color combinations that range from dreamy to eye-poppin’.

Glimmer, Twinkle and Shine
Simple, little touches make all the difference.  We’ll incorporate glitter, A Muse’s Twinkle Stickers, and Creative Clear Candy Embellishments into 6 card designs that are sure to sure to evoke plenty of "oooohs & aaaahssss!

Send a Smile
A Muse Art Stamps make it so easy and simple to send smiles to anyone, whatever the reason, whatever the season.  We’ll create 6 delightful cards suitable for a variety of occasions.

And, I’m bringin’ the chocolate, baaaaybeeeeee!!! *grin*

I’ve been havin’ more fun designing the prototypes for these classes–I cannot wait for you to see this release and I’m so anxious to share my favorite new images!  Linda and the A Muse Crew have really outdone themselves for A*Muse*A*Palooza.  BTW, sorry, I was not golden in Round 1 of Secret Squares; turns out Miss Shurkus was "the chosen one"!  *chuckle*

Pssssst!!!  Rumor has it, a sneak peek‘s a comin’ this Friday . . . Ya’ best be keepin’ yer wits about ya’ . . . *wink*

  1. The Colorful Christmas class sounds intriguing…I hope you might share a card or two after you teach the classes ;)

  2. Granville, Island, B.C.??!!
    Sweetie, that is just not possible!!
    So what shall a Southern girl in Northern Texas do? I can name other names here who would like to know as well!!

    hee hee

    :o) Tex

  3. Vancouver? Not fair. Please come to montreal quebec instead.

  4. How lucky for the gals up north! I WISH I could drive there in a NY minute as well. wink

    I think a lot of us stuck with ya in the game anyway! It was fun.

  5. Oh, how I wish I could travel I’d be there in a NY miute!! It sure does sould like it’s going to be BIG FUN. I can’t wait for tomorrow…except when you get my age you hate to rush any day away, LOL.

  6. I MISS IT!! I’m heading off to BC on a family vacation and you’re there mere days before I arrive!!!

  7. OMG! I might be able to make some of those classes! I’m so excited – just have to check my calendar against the kids summer camp calendar and then call the store.

    Thanks for posting about this I’d have never known otherwise!

  8. I can’t go to Vancouver this weekend. Do you have any dates scheduled to teach at the Amuse store in Seattle? (or other stores in the area?) I, of course, was hoping you’d be there today when I went on my gift certificate shopping spree. I think I did ok even without your royal guidance.

  9. Oh how I am inspired by your creations, and hope that your craftiness makes it’s way south to Olympia someday!!! (much closer than Vancouver)

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