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Have you seen Paper Crafts’ Special Issue, "You Go, Girl!" ?  *grin* It’s a pretty fun issue and chock full of projects and ideas for you and all your girlfriends!  If you can’t find it on newsstands, you can find it online HERE, at the Paper Crafts website.

Normally, designers aren’t allowed to post any projects online until a certain period of time has elapsed (after the issue has been pulled from racks), but, Paper Crafts has recently altered its policy to permit designers to post one (1) project only from a current issue, and, on a personal blog only.

Anyhoo, I just got back from visiting my parents for a few days, and, I didn’t really need to mull it over–this was my absolute hands-down favorite piece that got accepted into that publication, so, I am really tickled I am permitted to share it with you here!  Yippeeeeeee!!!

Please see Paper Crafts Special Issue "You Go Girl", for all supplies/materials, and instructions.

I was directed to design a card that incorporated bling, and the sentiment, "I’ll drink to that!".  Naturally, this also begged for some sort of "bevarage" to accompany it. *wink*   Well, now, you *know* where this was goin’, right?!  *chuckle*    Anyhoo, true confessions?  I spent 12 hours designing this, from think-time, to experimentation with different papers and strategies for exactly HOW to use that specific sentiment.  Yes, I am insane.  Yes, it was insane to devote that many hours to one card design.  But, it had to be juuuuust right, because it was a special request by the editorial staff for Editor Cath Evaldson, who is fond of using the sentiment to celebrate achievements and accomplishments!  I thought it was such a fun idea on their part!

They didn’t film the inside, but, I can show that here:


I just *adore* acetate/transparency cards, but, it positively drives me NUTS if there’s no space inside to write a personal message to the recipient.  So, I resolved that issue by putting a mini folder inside, creating "tri-folding" acetate card.

I was so happy when this design was finished–every aspect of it felt right, and it was great fun to see it featured as a sneak peek by Associate Editor Megan Hoeppner (who happens to be one of the hippest, and most fun chicks I’ve ever enjoyed an appletini with!) over at the Paper Crafts Blog!   Yippeeeee!!!

Well, that’s all the fodder I have for now; I had a great time visiting my parents for a few days, and, yes . . . I gave haircuts all around . . . *wink*

  1. Congratulations Jules. It’s a winner for sure. Still haven’t tried one of those drinks though. I’m a Margarita kind of gal.

  2. Julie,
    I WAS flippin’ through that magazine today and the green appletini caught my eye and I thought of you! And, lo and behold, there you were: the creator! Love the card!

  3. Wow! What a great card! I have never heard of a transparency card. It’s way awesome!

  4. Awesome card! Love the green

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