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(falls down on the floor howling at self)

OK, so really, it’s COTW (Card Of The Week), but COW is so much funner (soOOoo not a word, I know, but funner vs. more fun?  It just sounds moa’h bettah that way. *wink*)!

I actually had 2 COTWs back-to-back, and forgot to share at the time they were released, so I’m sharin’ now! *grin*

This week’s A Muse COTW (Check out the eyelets I used for the lawn mower’s wheels! *chortle*)
PDF format – www.amuseartstamps.com/cotw/june12007.pdf
JPG format – www.amuseartstamps.com/cotw/june12007.jpg

Last week’s A Muse COTW
PDF format – www.amuseartstamps.com/cotw/may252007.pdf
JPG format – www.amuseartstamps.com/cotw/may252007.jpg

If you’ll click on the PDF/JPG format links listed beneath, it’ll download A Muse’s nicely formatted idea sheet.  You can print it out, punch holes into it, and put it into an idea binder!  Waaaaaay, eh?!!!  I *love* that!

If you would enjoy getting these card ideas, with designer insights behind the designs, favorite tools, etc., delivered straight to your email each week, be sure to contact A Muse at:  info@amuseartstamps.com and request to get on the A Muse Crew Newsletter!


All stamp images by A Muse Art Stamps; Small White Notecard by SU!; Dymo "Label Buddy" Label Maker.  For my favorite, and most easily understood online source for Origami Dollar Bill Shirt folding instructions, click here —> Origami Shirt  *grin*

Inside:  "You wear it well!  Happy Birthday" (also Dymo Label generated)

Taylor had a birthday party to attend Saturday afternoon and at the same time we had to attend the 40th birthday party for one of my hubby’s co-workers.  Girl gifts I can shop for.  Boys??? *EEK!*  I have a heck of a time knowing what a 10/11 yr. old boy would like–it’s a rather awkward age group!  They’re beginning to outgrow "toys", and they’re too young to drive, and, video games are too expensive (considering all the parties Taylor gets invited to) PLUS, you have to know which gaming system they own . . . I decided to spare myself hours of desperate searching for just the right gift, and give something "versatile":  cash. 

Cash always seems like such a cold and impersonal gift to give, yet, I’ve never known anybody who wasn’t happy to receive it . . . *chuckle*  The trick, however?  How to present it!  Anyhoo, I needed a FAST, EASY idea . . . In a last minute flash of Einstein, I remembered the above.  PERFECT!!!

As for Willie’s gift, I left that to my hubby.  His solution?  Beer.  Not just any beer, of course.  A *nice* micro-brew.

Julie–"Beer?  You got him beer???" (incredulous, and at the same time, exasperated look)
Dave–"It’s PERFECT!  Any of my friends would love this as a gift, and so would I!" (beaming with pride)

After dropping Taylor off at his party, and arriving at Willie’s, Dave was evidently right! *snort*  I dunno why I questioned it . . . I mean, we frequently bring a nice bottle of wine as a hostess gift when invited for dinner, etc.  So, why not beer as a birthday gift?  Note to self:  This solves quite a few gift-giving dilemmas for me . . .   *chuckle*

Now, even tho I am still cleaning, I must clarify a few things . . . I hate to organize.  I actually am capable of being highly creative amidst the chaos in my studio; I only get frustrated when I can’t find something I *know* I bought and it’s here somewhere, deep within the vortex.  I’m a pack rat of sorts–I tuck things into nooks & crannies.  I invested in some fabulous drawer units from Storables, and this is helping me sort and organize my single WM stamps beautifully.

The inevitable truth?  The studio will reach a "reasonable" (reasonable to me) level of chaos, better than it was, and I’ll stop with cleaning, because I’ll have no choice; I must meet some pressing deadlines—there are *always* pressing deadlines . . .  My brain will shift gears, and dedicate all energy to stamping . . . and it will not want to stop; finishing the cleaning/organizing, will be relegated to the bottom of the priority list, once again, and probably for a long time, because I absolutely detest starting any project that can’t be completely finished in a single afternoon . . . 

Did I mention that in addition to being linear sequential, I am also the instant-gratification type? *chuckle*

  1. You are such an inspiration Julie. I love your cards. Thank you for sharing your awesome talent with us :)


  2. That is an awesome way to give money, but show that you put thought into it. What a great idea!

  3. Those are some super nice cards! My DH would especially love the Super Dad card (he used to do lawn care a long time ago).

    I love the colors and bling on the Girls Night Out card!

    That money shirt totally rocks!

    I bow to HRR!! *wink*

  4. Way cool origami addition, Julie!
    Don’t worry … I would have had the very same response … beer?! (along with a painfully raised eyebrow!)
    Instant gratification!?! My speak, for sure!

  5. Super Dad is genius!! Girls Night Out is fabulous!! The money folding card is wonderful!! About thrity-five years ago my DH and I made one of these in a large size and put it in a gift box (shirt box?). She was delighted!! I’ve been trying to remember how we did it and just could’nt figure it out, thanks soooo much for sharing the link to the instructions.

  6. Great cards! I especially like the super dad mowing the lawn.
    FYI: All the pre-teen boys I know (friends of son or nephews) like I-tunes – you can buy those online or at the Apple computer stores. The gift card is not too glamourous but there are cute things you can do to make the card match (musical stuff).
    Thanks for all your inspiration!

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