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It was pouring rain as we left the house at 8 am this morning . . . Spring League End of Season Tournament.  Dave couldn’t make it; work.  Hayley couldn’t make it; work.  I had work.  Lots of work.  But, because I work from home, my hours are more flexible.  As we cruised down the island in the mini van (I *love* my mini van), my mind was racing over the numerous things I *needed* to get done . . .

It was still pouring rain as we arrived at the soccer field 45 minutes later, at the south end of the island.


The Keeper

The life of a Goal Keeper can be lonely . . . oftentimes, the play occurs further down the field and The Keeper stands, shouting out direction and encouragement, waiting . . . always waiting . . .  for the action to come somewhere near him . . .  he is the very last line of defense . . . it’s a very difficult, yet vitally important position.

Most kids this age aren’t "excited" to play this position, and Taylor is no exception.  But, all season long he has selflessly played that spot.  He had some fantastic stops and even tho my camera doesn’t have enough optical zoom to get as close as I’d like, I was able to catch a few moments that showed him in action . . .


Up high . . .


To the mid-section . . .


Swerve . . .


Down low . . .


This very last shot kinda speaks for itself, even in the pouring rain . . .  pure, unadulterated joy . . . 


They won the Championship game of the tournament. *ginormous grin*

I’m so proud of him.  Proud that he plays such an important position, and does it without complaining to his coach, always offering encouragement to his teammates, even when he’d rather be playing forward.

I never thought I’d enjoy watching soccer.  But, I do.  Because of my son.  I never dreamed I’d be a "soccer mom".  But, I am.  Because of my son.  I never imagined I would EVER go see a Pro Soccer game, but I’m gonna.  Because of my son.  I asked him a few days ago if he’d mind attending such a game with his mother . . . his face lit up so bright . . . he’s hoping he gets to meet The Keeper of the Seattle Sounders . . .  I can’t wait to savor that moment, as well . . .


Soccer Mom shoes . . . 

  1. Julie

    Love it! Especially your sneakers….the joys of our kids…congrats to you for sacrificing!!!

  2. I’ve got those rained out soccer game memories too! Love the soccer shoes photo!

  3. That warms my heart, Julie! {{{from one mini-van-driving-soccer-mom to another!!!}}}

  4. Love what a great mom you are Jules. *smooch*

  5. Ok, I can’t read anyone else’s reply. My son is 24…we don’t sit in the rain and mud anymore to watch him. But….I still get teary eyed when I pass soccer fields with the wee ones playing…time FLIES!! Continue to treasure those rainy hours!!

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