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I haven’t had time to post anything new or fabulous because I’ve been cleaning and organizing my studio.   This is a tedious process, due to all that I’ve accumulated, and never bothered to figure out where to store.   I’m finding things I bought 6+ months ago, still in a shopping bag. (insert shocked expression) . . . This is proof positive, however, regarding why I’ve said it’s important to invest in organization; if you can’t find what you have, you won’t use it! 

I’m also a disgrace to the female species:  I don’t multi-task well.  OK, to put it plainly, I suck at it.  I am linear sequential, and, have a difficult time moving onto a new project, unless I’ve finished the previous one.  Not only do I have a difficult time, I don’t like it!  And, this annoys me about myself . . . (grumble)

At any rate, I’m now, and still deep into, cleaning, sorting, organizing the studio . . .   I can actually see the floor once again, and am on the verge of regaining some counterspace, too . . . the internal struggle?  Can I live with the current progress enough to go stamp, but, then come back to continue the cleaning???  Not finish???  ACK!  Come back??? (blech!)  It’s killin’ me that I even started to clean now . . . (insert rolling eyeballs)

  1. Ugh — I totally feel your pain re: not digging multi-tasking. It’s just way too much to ask of my poor little pea brain! Once I’ve started a different project I am LOATHE to return to the ‘old’ one. I’m this way about everything, though — never broke up and got back together with a boyfriend, etc. When I’m done, I’m done and I don’t look back! Of course, this can lead to hidious time management problems, at least for me…

  2. Here I am lineal sequential and never knew it! EXACTLY my modus operandi as well! Toss in a bit of OCD in there and aye carumba, it’s crazy!

  3. Many years ago I read a book called “What to Say When You Talk to Yourself”, I don’t remember who it’s by…that information is in the “archives of my brain” and will probably never be released again, LOL. You’re a wonderful person with creativity to die for, try making your life easier by saying positive things like “when this room is organized I will be very happy”, “I am very good at organizing” etc. Put some GOOOOOOD music on. Think positive even if you don’t believe it someday it will turn around. Did you view The Secret?? It’s good information. I am not a psychologist ore mental healh professional, but I have STRUGGLED with myself for a loooooong time and got sick of it!
    Look at all the other people you have helped that are in the same boat. I hope this releases some of your frustration. HUGS and TFS

  4. You’re not alone Julie!! I am the same way – with the bags of “stuff”, not being able to start something without finishing something else…I even clean my house that way – I start with one room and move through – if I try to start somewhere else I end up wandering! Should I have admitted that?! ;-)
    Good luck with your organization – I still haven’t found a satisfactory solution….

  5. Organized chaos! That’s what I have. Of course I know where it is! But I have to move 3 truckloads of stuff to get to it! Someday…

    Good luck on cleaning!

  6. Oh Julie – I am the same way – I Hate to clean (I stashed my bags in the basement and Todd found them (Insert his shocked face)…when he was prepping this past month for our basement project. OOPS! I have to figure out some storage – some serious storage. I went to get a credenza and it was not what I needed so I returned it! I really need help – wanna come over?????

  7. You are not alone my dear…not alone!!

  8. Julie, I am an organizing “FREAK” but the problem is I “REoragnize” soo much that I forget where it is. I’m sure you already have seen it (duh?) but the galley has some great ideas for stampin spaces. The best thing for me is to “label eyerything”!! and put what I use most at your fingertips. I can’t wait to see updated picts!! When your satisfied. Do a little and go back to stamping and then do more (when / if the mood hits you) We miss ya!! :)

  9. Before I became a SAHM, I was a full time emergency room nurse. In that role you constantly are “triaging” (essentially, means to sort and prioritize.) That is kind of how I handle life now and have found that making lists and breaking large jobs down into smaller parts you not only feel like you accomplish more most of the time I actually do get more done!

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