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to kill time while you’re waiting for SCS servers to come back on-line . . .

  • Laundry
  • Plan your dinners for the next month
  • Pay bills
  • Color your hair
  • Go on a dust bunny hunt
  • Unload and re-load the dishwasher

Or . . . stamp.  Yup.  Stampin’ sounds good. *wink*

I have had no blog fodder of late; the last 28 designs I did (over a span of 5 days), were all work-related and I can’t share ‘em at this time.  Bummed.  Late last night, I was able to complete two for the DD Gallery, but, until the servers come back on-line, I can’t upload ‘em.  Bummed.  Altho, I’m prolly nowhere near as bummed as Daven and Scott who have been workin’ like dogs to figure out what the heck is causing the issue.  Poor guys.  I wonder if Daven is still having to drink instant coffee.  Horrifying thought, isn’t it?!  (insert shocked eyeballs expression)  ACK!

Anyhoo, this down-time, unfortunate tho it may be, is the perfect opportunity for me to go stamp.  Undistracted.  Mebbe sumpin’ *uber* cool will spark me . . . if I’m lucky . . . (insert rolling eyeballs)

So, while I’m diggin’ deep, on a quest for the last-minute muse, here’s what I’m listening to:

All Star by Smash Mouth

Note the emphasis on listen.  IMHO, the video itself isn’t worth watching, but, this song always puts me in a stampin’ groove.  *chuckle*

  1. haha

    I chose laundry … I wonder if DH was thankful?! *grin*

  2. Julie, you crack me up with your expressions! I always leave your site with a big smile on my face! Thanks!

  3. Well, I did laundry and dishes and stamped (after cruising the blogs!), but I could not bring myself to do the dust bunny hunt so I went to the movies! LOL! Poor Daven….It’s been a long week…. LOL!

  4. Okay, I can usually convince myself that I’m not all THAT OLD!
    Then, you mention Smash Mouth, who or what is Smash Mouth? Well I watched the video (how’d they DO those moves!?) I did recognize the song…I think from a commercial or something. Now, I am the old dog who has learned something new and I feel mahvellous, dahling! WooHooo!
    SuzyQue, cool granny in Texas (my grandson even told me “You’re hot Nana.”) I hope he wasn’t talking about the hot flashes!

  5. Laundry (I do that while stamping)
    Plan your dinners for the next month (uhmmmm – take out!)
    Pay bills (done)
    Color your hair (done)
    Go on a dust bunny hunt (those are my pets)
    Unload and re-load the dishwasher (use paper)

    Stamp (YES!!!)

    Julie, you are too funny!

  6. Hey Julie! I have been stampin like a mad woman – but it is not easy to find the featured stamper cards to case when the gallery is down!

    (tapping foot)

  7. You mean we shouldn’t keep clicking refresh and saying all those naughty words? Hmmm. Those are great suggestions.
    Gina K.

  8. Oh, I am dying to see a new creation of yours!!! I think I’m in withdrawal at this point…please, oh please, satisfy my craving for your awesome work!!! :)

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