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All images, Cabana Blue Note Card, Cottage Red Polka Dot Reverse Paper, Micro Dot Twinkle Stickers by A Muse Art Stamps; Palette Hybrid Ink in Noir; Colorbox Fluid Chalk Ink in Ice Blue; Colored Pencils; Ribbon (source unknown); Large Scallop Oval Punch by SU!

As usual, I’m always so busy doing behind the scenes stuff, I don’t get enough time set aside to make much for the DD Gallery.  Lucky for me, the Dirty Girls have it under control, and have stocked it so full, it’s overflowing!  Be sure to look in on our newest girls, Toy (her name’s really Holly, but I love calling her Toy, and she told me it was OK!), and Candy!  Both phenomenally creative chicks!

I’ve never been off the North American Continent . . . I dream of some day crossing the pond.  Until then, I’m travelling Around The World In 80 Days through the artwork in this month’s Fan Club Gallery!  BTW, does anybody ever really read that homepage announcement, or am I just talking to myself . . . I often wonder . . . Anyhoo, I’ve never seen the movie this gallery is named for, but, I ’bout fell down dead in love with Toy’s hot air balloon design!

The piece above was inspired by some online images of Venice that I found . . . I just find it all utterly romantic.  I like using the little Twinkle stickers on the street lamps on the bridge.  It’s fun to increase the "illumination" effect, by coloring a yellow glow around them, too . . .

Around about 11pm last night, I finished this piece, but Daven had to take the site offline yet again, to do more work.  Then, this morning, the gallery was wonky and the thumbnails wouldn’t pop open for Fan Clubbers.  More teeth gnashing, of course, for Daven and Scott.  I imagine trying to figure out where the problem is and fix it, is like looking for a needle in a haystack!

Since it was late, I figured it wouldn’t get much love in the gallery anyway, so, I decided to post it here.  *wink*

It’s the last day of school for my kids . . . Summer has now officially commenced!  We are *definitely* celebrating tonight . . . !

  1. I’ve alwalys wanted to go to Italy (seems like my entire life) and your card exudes the romance and beauty of Venice!! Got to love those lamps, awesome!! I hope you have a wonderful summer with your family, TFS.

  2. I read the DD Gallery announcement each month. I find it very entertaining :)

  3. Super cute, yet could be very romantic at the same time! Love it!

  4. I just love all your cards, Julie, and this is delightful! I’ve done a bit of traveling, but still haven’t been to Italy. Venice is a must-see, I think. Just don’t rent “Don’t Look Now” before you go :)

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