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I had to laugh, as I read Lisa’s post.  From the get-go, whenenever Mona Lisa and I would engage in dialogue about our mutual obsession (rubbah, of course), I recognized that I speak "Mona". 

I knew instantly what she meant by being a "stampy" stamper . . . and, some other terms she would intersperse:  Carding, being a carder (making cards, someone who makes cards) . . .

I would classify myself as a "stampy" stamper, because frankly, I prefer to design my cards with stamps from the (back) ground up, truth be told . . . although, I think not many would realize that from works that I’ve had published–it appears that "scrappy" cards are what many magazines seem to favor most, so, I’ve had to make adjustments to my publication submissions . . . this saddens me to a degree, although I’m not sure that I can put my finger on exactly why it does . . . But, that’s another discussion for another day.

Getting back to the topic at hand:

So, are you a carder?  What kind of stamper are you?  *grin*

  1. Hmmm — such an interesting discussion! I consider myself a stampy stamper, but I do use a great deal of dp. I think that’s because I started out as a scrapbooker, and dp is such a foundation for scrapping. But that’s about the extent of any kind of scrapping stuff on my cards. To me, dp is merely one more way to embellish — it’s to complement or enhance the stamped image that is the focal point. So does that make me Hybrid? I don’t know, but I don’t feel hybrid — I feel stampy!

  2. Hmmmm…well, I’ve been sitting here reading for quite a while now…love this topic. I don’t know if you’ll even notice this comment but I want to throw in my two cents. I’m not an elitist one way or another, so I guess I’m a hybrid. I had to teach myself to use designer papers. They’re beautiful and why not use them? There’s an art to it just as with stamping. I never exclusively “scrap” a card, though. I revel in the art of combining papers and stamp images. Plenty of times, though, they sit unused while I play with creating my own stamped backgrounds. I love the glorious joy of it all!

  3. After nearly two years of SCS and studying and trying technigues and now enjoying reading blogs – I have an identity crisis. More parts of a card than completed ones but having a grand time! Lots of everything I “need” and nearly all of SU’s BG stamps and then some.

    So, I’d say I’m a Budding Bliss

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