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Link: DTGDjuliehrr CHATTER – Splitcoaststampers.


Splitcoast Fan Club Members can visit the link above for all deets (details) on my challenge! *grin*

Recipe and artistic details, are at this gallery link:  Cozy Thoughts

I hope they like this one!  I hope they participate in this one!  I’m anxious to see what they’ll do!  Anna Wight, SCSer SweetMissDaisy, and Lisa Strahl, SCSer Mona Lisa, made extra samples for my challenge, and they are FLIPPIN’ FAN*STAMP*MAGORICAL, of course!!! *grin*

So, last night I prepped myself an appletini; there was cause to celebrate!  Not just over the fun of Dare To Get Dirty, BUT, the new keyboard Apple had sent for my laptop arrived!  YESSSSSSSS!!!  My iBook is back in business!  Sssshhhhhhhh!  BUT, here’s a tidbit:  An Apple Care Protection Plan (a.k.a. "extended warranty") is a good and wondermous thing, and DEFINITELY WORTH PAYING FOR!!!  Now, you must understand, my husband despises the whole concept of the extended warranty.  His feeling?  If you have a good quality product, and you stand behind it, why make a consumer spend even more???  Unless, of course, you’re sure it’s gonna break down from the get-go, and wanna defray replacement costs for when it does. (grimace)

I must have ignored my hubby and bought it anyway, and, boy, oh boy, am I ever glad I did! It saved me!  It saved me in repair and parts costs for damage that was entirely my fault.  Replacement keyboard arrived yesterday, and, I was able to remove the damaged one and install the new one, all by m’ onesie, in a snap!  BEAUTIFUL!!!   This new keyboard is a tad different, but it’s much quieter than my old one, cuz the keys are "tighter".

Anyway, I’m bouncin’!  Had to have an appletini last night to celebrate, AND, guess what I did?  I put everything else on hold to make a challenge card, just for the sheer joy of it!  Not work related, not deadline related–just for FUN!

Wanna see what I did?  Well, you get no choice on that, cuz if you’re here readin’ this, I’m gonna show it off whether ya’ like it or not!  *snort*


Snag all the deets (details) over on Splitcoast at this link:  The Accidental 4-in-1

Isn’t she beautimous???!!!  Why, yes, she is, if I do say so, m’self!  ROTFLMBO!!!

This ended up being a 4-in-1 (met 4 different DTGD Challenges) by luck, and not intention, as you’ll discover when you read up on it over in the Dare To Get Dirty Gallery.

It’s time for me to get back over there, and ogle all the eye candy!

Have a splendiferous day! *mondo grin*

  1. Ahhhhhhhhhhhh! The everlasting, Numero Uno Dirty Girl! Definitely the winner right here, heading up this blog!

    Next year, Your Majesty! (At a time other than convention maybe??!!) *wink*

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