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Well, I can’t begin to describe the fun I had at I’m Impressed, up in Vancouver, BC! Raya definitely has a magic touch for stocking the place with as much fabulous variety as she can.  If you’re ever near Granville Island, make plans to pop in–she and her excellent staff are *the* sweetest chicks ever!  Lunch was delivered to all participants that took all three classes per day, and we got to experience sushi and teriyaki chicken from a shop in the Granville Island Market, and wonderful soups and sandwiches from the Pacific Culinary Institute!  Raya pampered me with a mocha each afternoon, to fuel me through the remainder of the day, as we were stamping from noon to 8:30 pm both days!




I’ve set up an album in the side bar that shows lots more photos of our good times!  Check it out!

A Splitcoaster who happened to be visiting Granville Island, went into spasms when she discovered Raya’s store inside the building, and realized that it was a participating A*Muse*A*Palooza store, and her hubby got a shot of us, but, unfortunately, I didn’t have my own camera with me at that moment.  ARGH!

I am so honored (and was floored, I must confess) that Gail and Sue, both members on Splitcoast, flew all the way from Chicago to Seattle, and then drove all the way from Seattle to Granville Island, to take all three classes with me!  OMG—we laughed so much!   They are *da’ bombs* and, we enjoyed gabbing with Raya back at the hotel, after the last class on Tuesday, over appetizers and, APPLETINIS, BABY!  The barkeep had to shoo us out at midnight!   GOOD TIMES!!!

To my surprise, Diana Crick, creator of the Scor Pal also attended all three classes!  If you’re not familiar with Scor Pal, check out their website to learn more about this great scoring tool!  It sure made my class preparations much easier!

We did SIX (!) cards in each class (I jokingly refer to these as “A-Muse-a-thons, but that’s not far from the truth, LOL!); I worked the girls pretty hard, because I had so much I wanted to share with them . . . I hope they didn’t mind . . . eek!

The girls learned tricks like reverse imaging with acetate, masking/reverse masking, which inks work best with alcohol based markers or  on acetate, different ways of working with A Muse’s Twinkle Stickers, Clear Creative Candy Stickers, and glitter, glitTER, GLITTER, and a ton more!!!  *chuckle*  If you didn’t have a chance to take the classes, A*Muse*A*Palooza is still partying on, and you’ll love checkin’ out the class samples, which are on display down at I’m Impressed!

Some of my favorite must-have images from this release, even tho a few of those listed here weren’t used in this particular series of classes, are:

  • Baby Penguin (irresistible)
  • Pumpkin Stand (looks just like the one at the entrance to the corn maze at our local Dagulla Bay Farms!)
  • Birch Trees (Ask the staff to show you how we did the “Have a beautiful day!” with these fantastic trees, the background bl.,  the Tsukineko Glue Pad and transparent iridescent ultra-fine glitter—it turned out spectacular, and was hands down one of the most popular cards we did)
  • Branch
  • Santa Bird (did you see how I turned him into a party bird???  TOO FUN!)
  • Poison Bottle (Would you have guessed that it would make such a keen flower vase???)
  • Blitzen
  • Igloo (Just cuz it’s too darn fun to have an igloo!)
  • Snow Angel (love embellishing him with a pom pom)
  • Haunted Mansion—I have a whole village of light-up houses that I decorate the house with every year, and this just reminds of the fun we have at Halloween, as it’s my husband’s birthday!
  • Robot
  • School Bus
  • Tiny Apple

And, wait until you see the new note cards!   A fun vanilla tinplate pattern on YUMMY colors like kiwi, watermelon, mango, and blue raspberry.  TO DIE FOR!!!

I haven’t been to Granville Island since I was in jr. high school, so it was really a treat for me to go back!  All I could remember were *glorious* custard tarts with glazed fruit, and, before I left the island, I spent some time in the public market, and guess what I was so happy to see?  TARTS!!!  And, not just tarts, but the most beautimous desserts in individual servings—I wanted one of each.  If I’d had a cooler, I would have loaded it with as many of these pretty sweets as I could!

Thanks to all of you that joined me at I’m Impressed—it was a fanstampmagorical two days, and I hope you enjoyed yourself as much as I enjoyed working with all of you! 

{{{{{{{{{{GINORMOUS GROUP HUG}}}}}}}}}}}

On my way home from Canada, I met up with my family where we celebrated Hayley’s 18th birthday by having dinner at the Olive Garden.  We had a long night of packing, last night, and believe it or not, I’m actually writing this in the car, as she drives!  Hah!  We’re headed to Sin City (Las Vegas)—Dave has an educational administrator’s conference to attend, so we’re combining it into a much needed family vacation, as well.

I’m looking forward to relaxing with my family, and when I get back, we Splitcoasters have “Dare to Get Dirty ‘07” week to dive into!  WOO HOOOOOOOO!!!

Good times, always!

  1. Wow Julie! Sounds like such fun! I would LOVE to take a class from you!!! I’m so jealous! You deserve to be a Rockin’ Girl Blogger!!! http://stampitsimply.blogspot.com/2007/07/im-rockin-girl-blogger.html


  2. Ooooooooooooooooooh My! Love, love, Love the pics of Granville Mkt. I had a very lovely and memorable day there years ago that I had forgotten about until I saw your pics. Awww, thanks for taking me back there, your Highness. :) Lovely!

  3. Sounds like a blast! One of these days I hope to make it to A-Muse-A-Palooza up there!

    Have fun in Vegas! I guess it’s the “hot spot” this week. My Mom and Dad are there for a trade show.

  4. Hey Julie~~ sounds like you had a blast in B.C. with your stampin’ classes. You should be ~*Beyond*~ cloud nine considering some of those ladies travelled far and wide to attend YOUR class :) You should be very proud.
    I’m hoping since you are (to me ha ha)the “Miss AMuse” representative, could you please post and/or email, and let us know when the new releases (ie. store front images, that I am in LOVE with ! arggghhh!) will be available on the AMuse website for purchase? I hope I won’t have to wait too long, or else I’ll have to travel far and wide also just to get my hands on them *grin*.
    Love your Blog ~~ You always give me a giggle ;)

  5. I was so excited to run into you in Granville Island from Colorado that I didn’t even look at what you were stamping lol.
    I am sure it was awesome though. It was great to meet the famous wonderful JulieHRR though.
    p.s. You don’t look old enough to have an 18 year old.
    Have safe travels.
    Sheila Carey

  6. Wow! That looks like one fabulous stamping party! Maybe next year…

  7. *gasp*
    Look at that table overflowing with goodies!!
    My jaw droppeth open and it refuses to shut!!


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