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Happy birdie to you!!!!  (sing song voice) *ginormous grin*

I’ve spent the last few days commenting like a mad-woman on the Fan Club uploads for Dare To Get Dirty!

Have you seen the gallery yet??? OMG! 

The Fan Clubbers are ROCKIN’ it!!! 

Go see!!!  GO SEEEEEEEEE!!! (major bouncing!!!)


They are sharing their creations, as they meet the stamping challenges hosted by the Dirty Dozen Designers Current & Alumni every day!  They’ve uploaded over 1,400 images in just three days!!!  ………..THUD!  Amazing stuff!!!

There are FOUR (4) challenges announced each week day in the special forum we’ve set up just for our Splitcoast Fan Club Members –> DIRTY DARE, with 8 today, and 8 tomorrow, for a WHOPPING TOTAL OF 36 CHALLENGES IN ONE WEEK!!!

It has been SO much flippin’ FUN, I can hardly stand it!!!

Today, I got to play Jenn Balcer’s challenge (bouncin’ for joy on my chair over this!):

Recipe and detail info is at this link:  Birdie in the window

Some of the girls have the most awesome multi-taskin’ stampin’ SKILLZ!!!  They have COMBINED challenges!!!  OK, since we all know I suck at multi-tasking, I have shied away of this–might give me a brain anurism, which would definitely cramp my style and put a kink in the fun!  Bwa ha haaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!

GaaAAAAAaaaaAAAAWWWWLLY!!!  This has been a *TOTAL* BLAST!!!

I’m so thrilled to see all the fun everybody’s having!  Thank you so much to all of that have joined us!  There’s more still to come and my challenge goes live on Tuesday!!!  Yippeeeeee skippeeeeeeee!!!


  1. Just wanted to say a HUGE thank you to you and your team for the DTGD challenges. I’m beyond busy this week and away for the next so am trying to get as many done as I can and hope to be able to pick up a few more afterwards. What a wonderful way to stretch you skills and enjoy seeing everyone’s wonderful creations. You guys are GREAT!!!

  2. I love this cheerful card!! The window is just too cute! A big THANK YOU to you, Julie, for all your work on DTGD ’07 — it’s been a blast so far!! :)

  3. How cute is that!! I love the way you used the Twill tape and the HPH, love it!

  4. Oh my gosh, this card is the Julie style I fell in love with originally! It is just perfection! I love everything you did, the colors, the design…just awesome! Thanks so much for all you do, and for sharing with us! You ARE the queen! :)

  5. Awww, Julie, what an adorable card. I just love that little birdie. Someday I will get it along with a few(?) other A Muse stamps. Dirty Dare is a fantabulous blast! I’m slowly plugging my way through the challenges. Of course, I get more behind everyday. I’m so glad there’s more weeks to finish everything. I’m doing all separate cards for each challenge, ‘cuz then I get to make more – how fun is that?

  6. This is absolutely adorable! I love the window and window treatment! So cute!

  7. I was out of town since Wednesday so I just got started today. I’m so excited! I love being given a challenge then coming up with something in my style. I’ve not looked at any of the gallery posts for this event so I wouldn’t get all ‘I’m not worthy to upload’ on myself!

    My first four posts are on their way!
    Thanks for all the time and organization!

  8. I saw your amazing card at SCS! I love it! The challenges are so fun…I wish I could keep up. ;) You all rock!!

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