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Sometimes, you don’t realize how much you depend on something until it is gone.

Last night, I worked feverishly, trying to get all the finishing touches into place for this:

Splitcoast Fan Club Celebrates Three Years! An entire week of stamping challenges for Fan Club Members only: Dare to Get Dirty!

Dirty Dozen Designers Current and Alumni have been working with me for some time to pull this all together–36 stamping challenges over the course of an entire week! It has taken a lot more time and energy to coordinate than I ever imagined it would, and, could not have been done without them.

We’re nearing the end of day 1. *chuckle* I can’t help but feel that all the hours and hard work put into this, behind the scenes, will have been worth it! I have been following the chatter threads, and as I see all the fun they are having, and the AWESOME artwork they are uploading, I could not be more jazzed! And, I cannot wait to see what our Fan Clubbers do with tomorrow’s challenges!

As in most things, there are always last minute details or loose ends that you see just when you think you do have everything ready, and, it drives me crazy not to tend to it if at all possible, before the curtain goes up. Would anybody else notice? Probably not. But, I do.

Late in the evening, Taylor, who knows, just like everybody in the family knows (cuz I haven’t cooked a decent dinner nor caught up on the laundry since our family roadtrip), what a frenzy I have been working through, offered to bring me a pair of freshly baked cookies and a cool glass of milk. Exhausted, but knowing there was still more to be done, I felt a sweet little treat from my sweet young man would be just the thing I needed to keep me going.

Pecking away, munching on Reese’s Pieces cookies, and looking forward to crawling into bed before midnight for once this week, I reached up to adjust the angle of the screen on my laptop.

Unfortunately for me, it was 2 am before I did finally collapse on the bed, crying over spilt milk. Literally. I had knocked over that glass of milk right into my laptop’s keyboard . . . the very laptop that contains artwork photography, patterns/templates I’ve designed, written works . . . in short? Everything vital. Had I ever backed it up? Nope. Has cleaning up the milk and giving it time to dry out helped? Nope. In fact, it is worsening. As of this afternoon, I can get it to come on, but, I can’t log in. Not even by hooking up the keyboard from the eMac to the USB port. That worked last night. But, today? No go.

Is the glass half empty or half full?

Well, last night, I could have told you that the glass was most definitely completely empty.

Don’t ask. I am in deep mourning.

And, I have to say these things so that I’ll laugh instead of bustin’ into tears again . . .

  1. Oh my gosh. I feel your pain. I hope it helps to know so many care.

  2. Wow – I am so sorry to hear about your mishap. As noted in other posts, you are, by far, not the first person this has happened to, and your data almost positively is safe and recoverable. The expense of the specialist and new keyboard will hurt – my mother called it “tuition in the school of life”. I hope you can get it resolved and move forward. Sending lots of luck and cyber hugs.

  3. This is awful. I am so sorry I can’t imagine how you are feeling right now. (((HUGS))) -Samantha

  4. Oh this is sad. When I got my first “lappy” I was on the Education Committee at our school and had tonnes of stuff on it. I had a hold of it as I moved from one place to another and it slipped. It shattered the LCD screen. I know the deep mourning you must be feeling. They can get the info off it. I had to buy a whole new “lappy”. This is so sad and you have been so cheerful and great to all of us. I hope it can be a quick fix.



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