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Thanks for all the comforting comments regarding my beloved iBook.

The demise of a laptop, for someone whose work is conducted on it daily, can, figuratively speaking, feel like losing one’s right arm.  It’s not just for data storage, it’s a powerful tool for all sorts of creative works and a communication device.

I braced myself for the worst . . . This was gonna be painful . . .  It had taken me at least a year to save up enough to buy it in the first place, and with one brief moment of carelessness . . . well, frankly, I’ve been on the verge of tossin’ my cookies over the whole miserable episode.

As I re-counted my story to the support/care gentlemen that took my call at Apple, I could actually SEE him, from his voice coming through the phone line, teeth clenched, shoulders scrunching up, and eyes crinkling shut in sympathy, as he said, "Oooooooooh."

By this morning, the laptop would still boot, didn’t ask me to log in, and would now respond to the eMac keyboard if plugged into the USB port, but, zero response came for the iBook’s own.  It recognized the Airport, and it will get online.  But, I can’t type anything, or use any function keys, etc.  After hashing all this and more out with Harold, including interrupting him with a panic stricken voice, to tell him about the long horrid screeching beep (similar, I might add, to the sound of our smoke alarm when I’ve burnt dinner) that had occurred once during the milk mopping process, he finally said:

"You could tell me more, but, I’m gonna stop you right here because:  .  From everything you’ve told me, I think a new keyboard will resolve this.  I think you were quick enough to mop up that milk, that it didn’t reach the mother board or damage your hard drive.  You’re still covered under an Apple Care/Protection Plan. 

With this particular model, you can actually remove the bad keyboard and install the new one yourself.  There will be instructions included with it, and it’s actually very easy.  But, call us, if you do have any difficulty. 

This is step one.  If it doesn’t work, we’ll take step two.  We’ll get this out to you immediately, no charge."

. . . Have ya’ ever wanted to kiss a complete stranger??!! 

Yeah. Poor Harold!  If he’d been standing there, I would have.  As it was, I think I stunned him, by calling him "My Angel."  I musta croaked out "Thank you!" a gazillion times.

So, I sit here tonight, and ask once again:  Is the glass half empty, or half full?

Well, by golly, by a sheer stroke of good fortune and having a roll of toilet paper nearby during the incident, the appletini glass, tonight, is completely FULL. *wink*

Thank you again, for all the supportive comments, and offers of assistance.  It *really* did help.

{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{Mondo hugs}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}

  1. Awesome! So glad to hear all is not lost!

  2. OMG Julie…I hope it is just the keyboard. I have soooo been there..Hope this is the easy fix. Hugs, Chris

  3. Excellent news – happy to hear all is on the mend.

  4. what a great ending! I can totally relate to the kissing a stranger bit & feeling like he was your angel!

  5. Ah….those happy, happy words: no charge!

    Woo-Hoo, Julie! So glad this is working out for you! Hugs girl, it’s been a rough week, eh?

  6. Hats and horns! *happy dance* So happy you got it all worked out!

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