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I had a chance to chit chat quickly via email with Raya, owner of I’m Impressed, as I cut card stock like a maniac . . . she’s so cute!  "Only 3 more sleeps!" she says!  I’ve never heard of counting down to something in quite that fashion, and I think it’s the cutest way to think about it that I ever heard!

Here’s a recent project I had fun making, that is totally and completely inspired by the most enchanting little boxes I’d seen at a stationary store:



I just love this floral image (and others like it) from the "Joys of Life" booklet by Crafty Secrets. They remind me of the vintage postcards I used to purchase in antique shops, when I couldn’t afford much else–each one is such a beautiful little piece of art, UKWIM?

I found the plain white slider box (the large size box was used here; the small ones are like matchboxes) at Impress. And, the gaaaaaw-jus glitter used to accent the image is "White Gold" by Martha Stewart–it’s the one glitter I’ve found that closely resembles real vintage GLASS glitter, and I love that it is not "definitely" gold in tone, nor "silver" in tone.

The scalloped bottom was done by tracing the box onto some textured ivory paper, and cutting a border with SU! retired scallop scissors.

I also acquire (and hoard, wretch that I am) seam binding ribbon–I just love how silky it is. Because it is so thin, it was perfect to use for creating the bow that slides the box from the casing, without adding extra bulk to the design.

Isn’t it just romantic???  I think it would be a lovely way to present a piece of jewelry to a friend, don’t you?!

Well, I must get back to preppin’ . . . 3 more sleeps ’til A*Muse*A*Palooza’s official kick off!  . . . Yea!  Oh, geeze, I just got goosebumps! *chuckle*

  1. so very cute! must find those boxes. have tons of seam binding ribbon, i would never thought to use it any other way except for sewing! love your creative genius!!

  2. as always Julie – LOVE your work. Another game of blog tag is going around and I tagged you – details on my blog http://www.lisasomerville.blogspot.com

  3. What a cute little box! We have a saying like that in the military when there’s something were counting down to. It’s usually for something like getting out of the field, graduation from a difficult school, and other yuckie things like that. So, here’s my count down: “fifteen years, five months, nineteen more days and a wake up until I’m retired!” LOL!

  4. Just got back from some “vaca” and checking in. Wowza! Love, love, love the box! Being the “mother of 4″ that I am and not being like “Martha Stewart” (as you and I have joked about in the past, who probably has an exquisitely grotesque way of keeping time…eyeball roll), our family keeps count by “sleeps” also. It’s allowed me to maintain my last nerve!!! i.e. “in two more sleeps we go to the beach”..etc.

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