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My daughter, a senior this year, is fortunate enough to be walking through the doors of a brand-spankin’ new high school building.   As she gave me a tour of the new building, I gazed up in awe, and, commented, "I never, ever had a chance to attend or teach inside a brand new school.  I hope the students realize just how remarkable this really is."

Hayley, who has been serving on the school board as a student representative, went on to tell me about the senior class’s plans:  They will be taking the freshman class through the building the first few days of school, pointing out the very special student-centered features that were included, during the planning phases, and finally realized in the construction phase.  They’ll be discussing student pride, and the responsibility they ALL share in taking care of it.

"Be True To Your School!"

True indeed!  I think the above plan is an awesome way for the older classman to reach out to the younger!

Anyway, if you need some *uber* cool school related ideas, check out what the Design Team has whipped up for Fan Club Members over on Splitcoast:  Be True To Your School!

For some reason, I keep having flashbacks to the movie Grease, and that scene where the lady principal announces over the  high school PA system:

"If you can’t be an athlete, be an athletic supporter!"

Am I the only one that snorts over that even to this day???  (ROTFLMBO!)

Well, I’ve come down with some sort of cold or flu bug, but, rest I cannot tomorrow:  My baby sister and her family arrive from California this Friday for the weekend  (her 20th Class Reunion)!  The house looks like a war zone, and the new washer and dryer aren’t scheduled to arrive until Thursday afternoon, the delivery men’s version of "afternoon" being between the hours of 11am and 3pm  (insert rolling eyeballs). . . .  In a moment of desperation, I bought everybody new panties last Saturday, and am keeping my fingers crossed that we’ll make it to Thursday before the dirty laundry avalanches and we are buried and lost forever . . .

  1. Oh, I hate to hear that you are not feeling well! BUMMER! Just put on some new panties, and take some Airborne, and you’ll be FINE! LOL Bless your heart, sure hope you are well soon,and have a great time with your sister! I wish I had a sister! ;)

  2. Julie – I made the mistake of letting the girls watch Grease last month on ABC family (still not cencored enough)…but that line cracks me up!

    Even funnier – my kids singing Sandra Dee (The wrong words – THANK GAWD! Elvis, Elvis – let me be, keep that Elvis far from me)…..

    Have a great year Hayley! (how is the knee?)

  3. Oh, Julie, you are too funny. They do still have laundromats, UKWIM?

  4. I love Grease…one of my favorite movies!!! Hope you’re feeling better. *hugs*

  5. OMG, i LOOOVE that line from Grease. hehehehe. I crack up everytime. I love Eve Arden.

    On the subject of undewear, I worked with this girl who was going to Europe. She proudly (if you can call it that) told everyone that she was taking panty liners with her so she could wear each pair of panties twice without having to wash them. ROFL, we just about died! hahaha.

  6. Oh, yes, I “chortle” at that line every time I hear it. I LOVE that movie – it’s one of my all-time favorites! Hayley should be very proud of her new school and what the seniors are doing for their underclassmen; her parents should be very proud also!

  7. Great line! I still laught to this day too. When I was youg, I had to beg my Grandma to let me stay up and watch it because it was on too late for me. I have a crush on John Travolta to this day :O)

  8. That line from Grease always cracks me up. I’m glad that I’m not the only one to snort over that one from time to time.

    And I love that post about annihilations! Hilarious.

    A thousand thank yous for your blog, Julie. It’s a creative inspiration and always, always makes me glad I read it. :D

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