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I am currently digging my way through it.  There is a *lot* of it.

Folding laundry is something I detest doing.  Seems like such "unproductive" time.  Rather like cooking.  Although with cooking, at least there is something to eat, to show for it.

The machine is beautiful.  The first two loads, I actually plunked right down on the floor in front of it, watching.  So little water!   Truly amazing.

I’m finally starting to feel this cold dissipate.  Several friends recommended Mucinex.  Another amazing thing!  It worked!  My voice is still a little nasal sounding, BUT, I no longer sound "sexy", like Morgan Fairchild.  Is/was Morgan Fairchild ever sexy?  When I was a high school teacher, and, I got sick with a cold, my students would tell me this, as if it were a great compliment.  I dunno–mebbe it wasn’t intended as one, and I just took it that way, so I wouldn’t feel so miserable, the way a cold often makes one feel. *chuckle*

My sister’s visit, while brief, was wonderful!  Unfortunately, her entire family was also ill when they arrived, as were we.  But, time together, even if ill, is better than none at all!

After living here for 7 years now, we’ve had this old boat (we’re talking ooooooold, folks), sitting . . . how can you live on an island, own a boat, and not use it?  So, we bit the bullet.  Put a brand new motor on it, new seats, new steering.  My husband is *so* happy!  Look at that smile–and yup, he’s the passenger; Taylor’s drivin’!  *grin*






Dave’s caught some salmon–mostly humpies.  And, we’ve had a few crab dinners!  Considering the loan we had to take out, just to get this old boat in shape to go get ‘em, they’re prolly the most expensive seafood dinners I’ve ever had in my life!  ROTFLMBO!!!!!!!!

But, I’ll tell you what:  the absolute *joy* I see in my husband over being able to go fishing and crabbing, after he’s put in a long and stressful day at work, or on the weekend, is absolutely priceless!

I haven’t done much stamping over the last week or so, but, today, I will give great care and thought in creating a sympathy card.  On Monday, I received word that a beloved Aunt in our family had lost her battle with cancer, and was now at peace.  She was the youngest of all my grandmother’s siblings, and not much older than my father.  A wonderful, wonderful woman, with a heart of gold, a warm sense of humor, devoted to her family, and so good to each of us . . . she will be remembered with so much love and affection.

  1. Julie, I think you should write a book or two. Your pen name could be JulieHRR. The way you describe the events in your life make me feel as though I’m reading a fantastic novel!!! Just think you could be the next J. K. Rowling.

    I am very sorry about your aunt. These things put such a strain on the heart.

    The fish look DELICIOUS!! You have a wonderful commercial for the credit card company that asks folks to submit ideas.
    Old Fishing Boat = XX dollars.
    Repairs on Boat = XX dollars.
    Smile on DH face – PRICELESS!

  2. It’s the little things…fresh laundry, a day on the sound… I’m sorry about your aunt’s passing, though. If the rest of the family is as loving and caring as you, I’m sure she went with a comfortable heart.

  3. So sorry to hear about your aunt. It is nice you were able to be with family so recently, and treasure it a bit more. I am also glad your washer arrived – I waited almost a month for a part and washed clothes at every one of my friends’ houses one time! I am also very happy to hear your husband is enjoying the boat…those will be some happy times in your future.

    and I keep mucinex in my desk at work, ’cause I work with men, and lord knows they are not gonna take care of themselves!

  4. I’ve missed you – and was glad to see you poppin’ up on SCS when you could; glad to hear that the washer is finally there and you’re getting better-sexy voice and all.

    Old/new boats the float are great. My GF’s hubby is on the hunt for fish finders – never knew such things existed. The pictures are beautiful – a great chance for the fishermen to spend some time together.

    With loving thoughts to you and your family.

    love ya!

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