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Link: Stampers’ Rules of Acquisition.

This just cracked me! 

I needed this laugh.

You know how the saying goes . . .

"If it’s not one thing, it’s yer mother."

After surviving the laptop/milk glass episode, I thought I was in the clear, I did indeed . . . 

To make a long story short, the Speed Queens washed and dried many a cloth diaper back in their day; 18 years sure go by in a blink, don’t they?  They don’t even make Speed Queens any more!  Aaaaaah, well.  The washer bit it lastThursday, and the dryer has been dying a slow death.  After having them repaired in the past a few times, we decided it would be wiser to replace, than resuscitate.

Did I mention it’s been 18 years since I last shopped for a washer and dryer?  ………..

  1. My front loader rules!!! Cleans great! Just make sure you use the soap specifically made for it and not the regular soap — don’t do what I did and try to finish a bottle of the old stuff. Ha!

  2. Oh, Jules — I feel for you. Our 17-yr old ones bit the dust, just in time for the new house move! Like everyone else has said, you’ll love the new front-loading ones. And yes, I remember Speed Queens *wink*

  3. I LOVE my new WASHER&DRYER! After only 7 yrs I was only to happy to rid myself of what were brand new machines that didn’t even wash the clothes. They’d come out the same as going in! I got the Front Loaders and really love em!

  4. The sticker shock alone is horrible. But the new washers clean so much better and the clothes are almost dry! Then the dryers work so much quicker. It really makes a difference.

  5. Enjoyed the link! I’m 30 ish.. :D

    HUGS and SIGHS re: other necessities of life. We have a Whirlpool AVOCADO dryer that’s 30 years old. DH has turned it upside down replacing belts all the time. I believe it is standing on red bricks and *sigh* I think its time to try to see if a new energy saving dryer (no, not the clothesline) will cut our electric bill. It will be my last resort at trying to see if that will make a difference before the bill hits $500. Good luck to you!

  6. Get Maytag Julie. You won’t be sorry. My washer is 32 years old and has only had one minor repair.

    Happy shopping and don’t get sticker shocked. Have you seen the price of those new fancy washers?????

  7. I must brag! My washing machine (yes, indeed, a Maytag) finally died after 22 years and only one repair ever for something like a bolt. That’s how long my husband and I have been married! My 17 year old daughter had to help figure out the new washer with all the bells and buttons! :)

  8. I LOVE the stampers’ Rules of Acquisition! It cracked me up big time!
    Good luck with the Washer shopping!

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