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The bad news:

Whatever I was infected with, it was more than a a bad head cold/sore throat.  Ugh.  Muy icky.

The new washer and dryer arrived on Thursday.  But, the washer was crushed concave on each side. By an industrial clamp, evidently.  I now have a new dryer.  But, no washer.  The washer had to be re-ordered and will arrive in another week and a half.  I could have raised a ruckus, and insisted on the one and only floor model they had being delivered, but, I figure if I’m paying full price for something, I deserve to be the one to use it first, scratch it, ding it, whatever.  They agreed to get a replacement ordered, with a 10% rebate back on the purchase price, for my inconvenience.  Free delivery, too, of course.  Thank you very much, that rebate will probably just cover the cost of the laundromat hell we will now hafta endure; I have no choice.  Is it the end of the world?  Nope.  Will we survive?  Of course.  It’s just more annoying than all get out, when one has been ill, and family is due to arrive for a visit.

I have been cleaning house like a maniac, and come to the conclusion that housework really does make one ugly. (pppppfffffftttttt!!!)


I have no new eye candy.

The good news:

I got one piece published in Paper Crafts Special Issue: Card Creations, Vol. 5, available HERE.  And, I can actually share it because we’re permitted to share one project from an issue.  So.  Here’s my total of one (1) !  (chortle!)


Please refer to that issue for all supplies/materials and directions.  It’s filled with many paper-crafted card designs for multi-occasions.

And, I recently received a complimentary copy of


produced by Stampington, Co. and available HERE.

I sat for a while, puzzled because I knew I hadn’t ordered anything online, and the artwork featured is absolutely gorgeous, but, beyond the scope of the artistic path I’ve been on for the last few years . . . I musta flipped through that thing have a dozen times before I finally discovered a small piece of artwork of mine–a very simple card, towards the very, very back.  It made me laugh because I think that piece is  one of the very first designs I ever created for A Muse Art Stamps, back when Linda first stumbled across my old webshots gallery and asked if I’d consider making samples with her stamps . . . What a wonderful memory rush! (arms wrapped around self, happy sigh)


A few questions I thought I’d try to answer quickly:

I really love how you did that background [on Sparkle Fish] but was wondering if you could explain the "blending". I’m guessing you just started w/the lightest color and then added the others next … but how did you get the nice curves?–Jen K.

I inked the whole background block with an Ice Blue Cat’s Eye, then angled a French Blue Cat’s eye and tapped it along to create a wave effect, and then I used the Pastel Lime Cat’s Eye, over that to do the same thing.

I thought I had paid to be on the Fan Club but I can’t get into see "what the design team has up there sleeve!" Can you let me know how I get in or if I need to pay?   Please and thank you!–KT

My apologies!  The gallery was having issues, but, it appears the tech crew got it under control later that morning.  However, if you are not a Splitcoast Fan Club Member, you won’t be able to see the images and projects within that gallery.   If you’re already a subscriber, but can’t access it at this point, your subscription has probably expired.  If you’ll check your User CP on Splitcoast, check the left menu for the "paid subscriptions" button, and you’ll be able to renew your support of Splitcoast, and regain Fan Club gallery access.

If you’re not a Fan Club Member, but, would like to know more about it, and how you can support our wonderful stamping community and website, please click HERE, for more information.

What color panties did you buy for your DH?–Kimberly O.

I refuse to answer that on the grounds that I might incriminate myself.  Hah! 

Hope you have a great weekend; my li’l sis just rang and they’re about to arrive.  I’m looking forward to spoiling my niece and nephew! *mondo grin*

  1. Sending you CONGRATULATIONS for being published!! The Christmas card is BEAUTIFUL and so is the “Little Something”!I love your style.

  2. sending you an email about this great card for use in a library learning program.

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