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Link: A Muse News: Cards for a Cause.

This is such a fun and meaningful way to celebrate World Card Making Day.

Whether you plan to use the kit for yourself, give it as a gift to a stamper friend, I just become, well, "verkempt", at the thought of it all . . . to quote a German friend of mine . . . *wink*

I’m so fortunate–my children have had such healthy lives!  A few more visits to the ER than I would like, some painful injuries, one of which took surgery to repair, but, for the most part, only minor illnesses of the ordinary/every-day type. 

I was, and still am, as was/is my daughter, so grateful for the concern and kindness that arrived in the form of sweet cards that came in the mail from my internet friends, when I shared a little about when Hayley blew her ACL out, and the surgery and subsequent physical therapy she underwent.  {{{{{{{{{{{{MONDO GROUP HUG}}}}}}}}}}}}}  You folks all know who you are . . .

I’m so proud and humbled at the same time, to be affiliated with A Muse, and to have an opportunity to share in this effort.

There are so many wonderful ways in which we can all contribute to making a difference for children; I can only applaud each and every company, and each and every individual, that has been able to find a way to do so, however, wherever, and whenever, they can.  Yea!!!  Yea for the KIDS!!!  Yea for us all!!!

Makes m’ heart swell so big, the buttons are poppin’ off m’ shirt!

  1. The trip to aMuse was, after deciding what set I could “do”, quick and easy. I needed that extra push for such a worthy cause. I will participate as well in turning over my creations and play along with the great folks at aMuse. Thank you Ms. HRR! (wink)

  2. This is a wonderful thing to do. TFS.

  3. Okay – I am off to aMuse. :D

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