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Link: Annie’s Attic – Card Maker’s Sketch Book.

OK.  I’ll admit it.  I was *really* bummed for the author, Tami Mayberry, of CPS, when she had to announce that the publisher was withholding release of this book for yet another entire year.  I can only imagine the time and energy she devoted to it, being lucky enough myself to have a few pieces I had worked on selected for it. 

But, I am totally happy dancin’ now, cuz they evidently reconsidered and have released it immediately!  YEA!!!! GO, TAMI!!!

Tami doesn’t know me personally, but, I’m so happy for her I could bust!

I haven’t even seen the finished book yet, but, if you like working with sketches, you will probably find this book to be an excellent resource!  I had fun working with the sketches they assigned me–my own designs are more hybrid, than purely stampy, in this book.  They really were a challenge for me, because I’m so accustomed to building a design from the base up completely with rubbah, as opposed to mixing in more than a smidge of patterned paper, etc. 

But, it was a good stretch–I *love* my white space when it comes to design, so when I say good, it was indeed good for me to step out of my own box and do something "unpredictable", UKWIM?

It’ll be fun to see what the other designers did with the same sketches–45 sketches, and over 200 samples to inspire!  Waaaaaay!


I love good paper crafting books–I collect them almost as much as I do stamps and all the other stuff!  *chuckle*

  1. TFS such great news!!! We always need new jumping off points and this sounds like a goodie. I’ll get mine very soon.

  2. Ooh, looks like another must-have item! Thanks for sharing. Can’t wait to sit and look through it.

  3. WOW! Must be a great book. When I clicked on the link above to check it out, it said Out of Stock. Do you know of any other sources? Thanks

  4. Thanks SO MUCH for your support Julie. It is a VERY exciting day for me. I do know you enough to know I can’t wait to get to know you better ;) can’t wait to see your work in the book!

  5. Oh Jules, I can’t wait to see your stuff when I receive my copy! How exciting!

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