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So, are ya’ blinded yet? ROTFLMBO!!!!!!  I know. It’s "bright".  It’s "colorful".  I DID IT ALL BY ME ONESIE!!!

*ginormous grin*

It sez:  Wake up and smell the rubbah!!!


OK.  That’s the end.  Hi ho, hi ho, it’s back to the salt mines I go. *wink*

  1. Hip Hip Hooooooraaaaaaaaaaay!!!
    Welcome to the world of “Gosh! I like it and I did it myself” banners!!
    As always … it’s what’s “inside” that counts though! *wink*

    Yeah … the ultimate Bombalicious blog here!


  2. Well Julie, I am a daily visitor, but I don’t usually comment, (just peek in), butttttttttt this new banner is the cats pj’s. I have to say, it really got my attention. Love it!
    Dee (SCS Deelite)

  3. LOVE your NEW banner! and the fact you did yourself…that makes it even better! very cool.

  4. I {heart} your banner!! I think it’s so wonderful! The colors just grab you. I was wondering acutally how you made it. I am a TOTAL tech-tard, as you would say. I want to make one of these for myself, and I have no idea how to even begin. What would you suggest?

  5. Hahahahaha! I love the new banner, Julie!

  6. Lov’in It!!! Bright and cheery…just like you!

  7. it looks fantastic. i love your tagline, too!

  8. It is a great blog. I don’t know what it used to look like, but I like it. Thanks,

  9. FAB-A-MUNDO girly!! I absolutely LOVE it!!! Congrats on doing it yourself as well! (insert clapping hands)

  10. I love it!!!

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