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My kids have homework.  Now, I will, too.  LOL!  I need to undergo 8 weeks +/- of training, to teach classes online at My Creative Classroom.

Now, it’s a given that I am light years BEHIND, *snort*, when it comes to technology, so needless to say, homework is going to be "challenging" for some time for me.  But, I had a pre-training assignment I had to complete.  It has taken me more hours and more revisions than you wanna know, just to figure out how to do this, and, it’s still not at a level that it should be . . . I AM EXHAUSTED!

I couldn’t get one of the links to stick, at the very end–the one for MCC.  I tried and tried, but, it refused.  *teeth gnashing*

Things I am telling myself to be proud I figured out:

  • How to do a Power Point Presentation with pictures, and manipulate the pictures
  • How to to make the pictures hyperlink when you click ‘em
  • How to add audio/narration
  • How to turn it into a slide show
  • How to embed it into my blog!

I hope I pass . . . *chuckle*…………….

So, I don’t have anything "new" in the way of eye candy, BUT, here’s a fun design that got featured at the A Muse Design Studio


  • All images, Lime Peel Band Note Card by A Muse Art Stamps
  • Brilliance Graphite Black Ink
  • Copic Sketch Markers
  • Ribbon by May Arts

I did sumpin’ a wee bit tricksy on this design.  Have you figured it out?  I was feeling quite smug with myself when I did it . . . heh, heh, heh!

BTW, thanks for all the compliments on my new banner! 

I want to make one of these for myself, and I have no idea how to even begin. What would you suggest?–Amy G.

Amy G., my friend, for me to tell you how to make one, well, frankly, it petrifies me because I’m not so hot in the tech department.  I made mine by experimentation in Adobe PSE 3.0.  There are a few tutorials out there, and a google search turned up this: 

Serendipity & the Art of the Quilt Blog-BANNER TUTORIAL (WordPress)

Make A Blog Header (graphics, using PhotoShop CS2)

And, if all else fails, and it’s just too technical for you at this time, which it was the last time I installed a new blog banner, you might consider turning to blog banner design pros Beth Silaika, of Freckled Fun Designs or Nicole Seitler, Seitler Design.  They’re good, they’ll work with ya’, and they’re both pretty nice chicks!

Well, I must get back to the paper cutter; I’ve got class on Friday and Saturday down at the A Muse Shop!


Have a good one!

  1. SUCH a darling card Julie! I am totally bummed your teaching a class this weekend at A Muse when I went there LAST weekend!! :) Can’t wait to play with my new finds! :)

  2. Oh, that’s clever! I don’t think Amuse makes a stamp that says “go girl,” so you took the “girl” from “girls night out,” and freehanded the “go.” Love it!

  3. Good goin’, Julie!

    I wish someone woule comment on your card regarding what they might have “caught” – I’m so curious. I am guessing it has something to do with the motion effect of the ball or the teeny one. :D

  4. Love that ball set in motion, Jules — really sets off this card!

  5. Oh Julie…your slide show is AWE-SOME! I am finally finished with mine…or thought I was…but then you mention creating links through the pictures??? Holy moly…I got more work to do!

  6. Thanks so much! I will be looking into either finding a friend with some fun graphics programs, that are willing to teach me to use them. Or I might just have to head over to freckled fun! I appreciate you taking time on your blog to talk just to me. I feel so special!! :)
    Amy G.

  7. Wow! Will have to check into these online classes. Loved your presentation! And such a cute soccer-mom kind of card!

  8. That is so not how I thought you would sound! I don’t know what I was expecting, but that wasn’t it at all.
    On to the homework…..having been forced to learn the finer point of Power Point myself for my day job as a trainer, I can totally appreciate all the work that went in to your presentation – especially when you are teaching yourself. What are you using for the slide show? I am trying to learn a program called Camtasia right now which supposedly easily creates interactive training videos. I am hear to tell you, “easily” is a very relative term.
    Great work – looking forward to taking some long distance classes :)

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