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For some reason, everything always seems to happen all at the same time!  *chuckle* 

So, what’s new?

Well, I have toyed around for a while with the idea of teaching online classes.  But, it’s kinda daunting for an individual like me–you know me, I’m so far behind in tech skills, and always scrambling to catch up!  *snort*  The more I thought about it, the more I realized I had zero clue in how to set something like that up, technologically speaking.

I applied some time ago for an independent faculty position at My Creative Classroom, at the suggestion of my buddy Lisa, and am excited to say, I got a spot!  *big grin* Yippee!!!  If you think you’d like to take any online courses with me, you may want to join their newsletter, so you’ll be aware of the happenings there–classes are officially scheduled to kick off in Spring 2008.  Sounds far away, but, it’ll be here in a blink!

Meantime, I’m thrilled, and at the same time, nervous . . .  teaching IRL is one thing, and I *love* teaching and meeting new people, but, online is a different ball game and I’ve never done it before!  I might have offered some courses this fall, but, as I said:  I’m a novice, and really need to complete the training course so I will be *ready*!

OK, on to the next thought . . .  (thoughts are always racing through my head–sometimes all the things I think about make me wanna lay down and take a nap.  For a week. *chuckle*)

I am *always* forgetting that I can share my A Muse creations after they’ve been pubbed to the A Muse Design Studio!  Here’s a favorite I designed a while back:

All stamp images (grassy stems, lion, tiny bird, "dandylion of a day"), Surf Note Card by A MUSE ART STAMPS.  New pencil eraser.  Colorbox Fluid Chalk Ink:  Ice Blue, Lime Pastel.  Brilliance Graphite Black Ink, (HEAT SET).  Prismacolor Markers.  Pigma Micron .05 Black Pen for detailing.  Sakura Quickie Glue Pen.  Prisma Glitter.

I designed the card above when I’d first acquired my Prismacolor Markers.  I used the bullet tip to color, and I learned that by coloring in a tight circular motion, I could eliminate streaking–must have something to do with the alcohol ink.  I don’t really know why that is, and dunno if I care to know why . . . At this point, just knowing that this method works to get what I want makes me pretty stamp happy!  *chuckle*

Someone asked about my Prismacolor Markers.  Yes, prior to working with Copic, I had purchased 72+ Prismacolor Markers.  I like ‘em.  They’re nice!  When I was invited to be part of the Copic Blogging Team, I accepted.  Why, when I already had Prismacolor Markers?  I wanted to try working with a brush tip, because I like brush tips; they give a different type of control.

With Copic, I can purchase refill inks; I’ll never have to toss the barrel of the pen away.  The tips are incredibly durable!  And, interchangeable!  So, if they ever wear out, I can replace ‘em!  If I really wanna to have a bullet tip, I can swap the nibs out.  Cool!  This means, I don’t hafta invest in a whole new set of pens, to get a variety of tips.  Options!  Versatility!  I likey!

The more I learn about alcohol markers, the more I am enjoying them.  I’ve said before that I’m doing a lot of practicing!  I had to practice to get the hang of achieving the effects I wanted to with water-based markers, watercolor pencils & crayons, and guess what?  I’m messing around with colored pencils AND Copics together!  ROTFLMBO!!!  One thing I’ve also learned?  Never say *never*!  *wink*

Anyhoo, back to this design:  the "dandylion" flowers are actually stamped with a new pencil eraser and Ice Blue Chalk Ink, and then detailed with a Pigma Micron.  A Muse doesn’t have a dandylion (altho, I have been buggin’ Linda about that . . . let’s see if I get my wish come this spring, eh?! *wink*), so I had to get inventive, to pull off the idea in my head.

I love this card quite muchly!  It’s so cheerful and bright!

BTW, have you seen the adorable Cards for a Cause Kits over at the A Muse News Blog?  Aren’t they just darling?!   It is *so* exciting to know we can contribute to such a worthy cause, in such a fun way!  I hafta keep going over there and looking at all the different kits, cuz they’re just too CUTE!!!

Well, I have a great deal more tinkering to do behind the scenes over on Splitcoast . . . Fan Club Members can expect a few small changes/enhancements this month, that we are hoping they will enjoy . . . *grin*

  1. Congratulations, girl!!! You do have a lot on your plate. I love that card because every element fits together so well. TFS.

  2. Congrats!! You having amazing talent and I really enjoy visiting your blog on a daily basis. Thanks for the awesome inspiration and best of luck with your new adventure.

  3. Julie,
    I am so thrilled to be able to take a class from you!! I have been stocking you since 2003 and the very beginning of SCS. When I say that I really mean it, I check your blog regularly, I read everything you post to SCS. You are such a gifted artist and you have such a fantastic personality, I secretly imagine that you are my friend and we can go out drinking martinis together.

    Now that I have totally freaked you out, I want to say congratulations!!! I will be taking a course from you — please keep your blog updated……. I CANNOT wait!!

  4. Congrats! I think you will be great. I work with online courses daily, with a community college, not for fun..But your perky personality and fun way of “writing” I think you will do fantastic. Sign us up!! Chris

  5. congrats on the creative classroom position. it is no surprise that they chose you and i look forward to what you and the rest of the crew are going to bring to us. darling card, too!! :) hugs~genie

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