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  • Ddcawintersong_4 All images by Elzybells (NA)
  • Brilliance Graphite Black Ink by Tsukineko
  • Copic Markers
  • Pink, Blue, Chocolate, Celery, Red Card stocks by SU!
  • Snowflake Punch by EK Success
  • Red Mini Dot Twinkle Sticker by A Muse Art Stamps
  • Striped Ribbon by Strano Designs, Red Organdy Polka Dotted Ribbon by May Arts

When Linda, owner of A Muse Art Stamps, discovered the Elzybells line of stamps over in the UK, she fell in love!

By now, I’m sure you’ve learned that A Muse is excited to be the exclusive North American Distributor of this sweet line of stamps!  The North American versions of these stamps have been resized from their UK counterparts, to work better with A Muse’s line of note cards, and to make them more affordable over here.  You can read more about all that over at Elzybells, NA.

This design is for a challenge issued to Dirty Girls Past and Present, by girlfriend Jami Sibley, DCE1107.

Too fun!  Isn’t this image just adorable?  It’s called, "A Winter Song".  I used the colors in the ribbon to help me coordinate this design–I always have such a hard time choosing colors, and this helped me narrow it down!


Things have been faaaaar more hectic than I would have liked over the past few months–I haven’t had much time–OK, more like absolutely NONE–to stamp purely for the fun of it (no specific purpose), and I have missed that so much!  And, I have had little time for blogging, too . . . 

This last weekend I was up in Langley, BC, teaching a Holiday A Muse-a-thon (as I like to call ‘em!)–it’s always so much fun to go up to Precious Memories!  Their store is just plain fabulous, and every time I go up, they have fresh, fun stuff, and the staff is so sweet!   Anyhoo, my A Muse-a-thons involve 3 classes, repeated 2 days consecutively–we did 6 cards in each of the two card classes, and in the gift wrap class we did 3 boxes, a bag, and a gift card presentation!

Needless to say, there was a TON of prep work that went into this event, and it pretty much consumed me!  BUT, the FUN of sharing the card designs and spending time with the gals that took the classes is such a blast for me!  I hope they had as much fun as I did–it’s my absolute favorite part of teaching classes!  I got to meet fellow SCSer JazzyTobi, who is one of their staff instructors–she popped in to say hello, with her son Phoenix, who is quite a handsome little gentleman!

My girlfriend, Lisa Strahl, met me Friday night, at the hotel.  I lured her into staying the night and helping me pack class folders with the promise of an appletini! *wink*  Even tho our time together was short, it was so good–we had breakfast at I-Hop the next morning.  I *love* I-Hop!  Blueberry Crepes–YUM!

Dave and Taylor joined me later that day–Taylor loves the corkscrew slide at the pool there, and I think he has a bit of a crush on Tara, Precious Memories Store Manager–He’d be mortally embarrassed to know I’ve said one word about this, but, he always wants to know if she would remember him, and if she’ll be working in the store while I’m there teaching . . . hmmmmmmmmmm. *chuckle*

We had dinner at the pub connected to the hotel, and then enjoyed an in-room movie:  Transformers!  OMG!  What an action-packed movie that was!  I’ve always gotten a kick out of the cartoon series, so it was fun to see it translated into a live-action movie!

The weekend prior to that, was another remarkable event:  For the first time in two years, SCS Administrative Team Members were able to meet again in one location, and, a number of them flew in from different areas all over the country!

I say remarkable, because we work very closely with each other online, taking care of the Splitcoast Community, and, it was also the first time I’ve had an opportunity to meet some of the wonderful volunteer forum and gallery moderators that I have only known via private messages or phone calls!

In between commitments, we did get to share a little bit of down time with some of the dear friends we’ve made through Splitcoast:


Cambria, Lisa, Lori, and Sharon


Bev and I




Jami, and Jessica


Cambria and Tracy Nolta, owner of SCS


Leann and Lisa






Lisa and Leslie


Pixie (Emily) and Beate


Dirty Girls Past

These wonderful people enrich my life in so many ways!  I had to deliver some to the airport to catch their flights back home, before heading for home myself, and I was doing OK, until I pulled away from the curb, knowing it would be a long time before we could gather together again like this . . . bawled like a baby for more than a few miles, I did . . .

In between all this, life at the Eb house goes mach 3; with Hayley being a Senior, there seems to be some event almost every night of the week that we have to attend, along with Taylor’s soccer practices and weekend games . . . Hayley was selected as a Princess, and nominated for Homecoming Queen, but, the title of Queen was bestowed on another girl.  I was not there on Friday, for the crowning, as I had to leave for BC to teach my classes, but, Dave got some shots . . . unfortunately, he is the worst photographer ever with a digital camera . . . He did get some better shots with Hayley’s camera, but, I haven’t found the cable to download them to my computer yet . . . I’ll share those later if I get a chance!  She was a BEAUTIFUL PRINCESS!!!  *proud grin*

Meantime, tomorrow is her Senior Night Volleyball Match, where she will be singing the National Anthem, and I am quaking in nervousness for her–it’s only like one of the single most difficult songs to sing in the entire world!  ACK!   Senior Nights are very ceremonious, with parents presenting their Senior child with roses, in honor of their final high school home game . . .

Thanks for asking about what I’ve been up to–I didn’t mean to give cause for concern with my lack of blogging, and it’s nice to know when one has been missed! *hugs* !  I took on more administrative work within the industry in late August, and along with joining MCC as a faculty member, there has simply been a LOT of stuff to contend with, and try to keep up on; I’m having to make quite a few adjustments time/work wise.  Dave and the kids have been so supportive and absolute troopers, pitching in with many of the household tasks I usually take care of–without them coming to my rescue, I think I’d have gone off the deep end!

Clinical depression, which is actually a very common thing and frequently undiagnosed in many sufferers, is also another aspect I must work around in my daily life.  It is hereditary among the women in my family. The chemical imbalance in my brain has never righted itself. Zoloft is my miracle.

It is particularly difficult for creative people, however, according to the reading and research I’ve done, to "multi-task".  If we see 10 tasks in front of us, it makes us spin in circles, and accomplish virtually nothing, because we are unable to prioritize most to least importance; we see all of them as being equal in importance and try to do all of them at the same time. Subsequently, we fail to accomplish any or very few of them. 

When under extreme stress, out of self-preservation, I’ve learned I have to deliberately shut or tune out things that are lower on the priority list/things that are not my responsibility/don’t pertain to me directly, so I can concentrate on the highest priority items, get them accomplished, and then move on to the next task.

Anyway, when I’m quiet or absent, it’s because I’ve had to focus all my mental energy on something else that *had* to be completed/had high priority.  So, no worries!

Now that this last A Muse-a-thon for 2007 is over, I can turn my attention back to other responsibilities/duties, and I am *really* hoping to have more free-stamping and chatting time . . . soon! *chuckle*

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